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JUL 02

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"Rid the world of the ridiculous "American Dream" lifestyle, replace it..."

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Floating Off-Shore Wind Rig Based on Oil Rig Technology

What are the cheapest levitra prices three biggest problems with wind power? Anybody, anybody, Bueller?

1. Bird Kill, 2. NIMBYism and 3 Dead bugs gumming up the works. Now, I'm not saying that these are always legitimate concerns, but migration corridors should be avoided and some people just really don't like the way wind turbines look. These are real problems, so we've got to visit our site viagra online order find real solutions.

How about we put wind turbines in a place that is literally no one's back yard, there are no bugs, and where birds only go to die. Namely, 50-100 miles off-shore. The big problem, of course, is that there's no way to anchor wind turbines into the sea-floor if the sea-floor is 300 meters down (as it is when you get that far off shore.)

Why is why Norsk Hydro has been working on a prototype floating off-shore wind rig called the Hywind. Norsk Hydro's off-shore wind expertise comes directly from their experience with off-shore oil rigs. And now that off-shore oil is less interesting to Norway, Norsk Hydro happily developing this awesome new technology.

A pilot project with three 3 MW turbines will be installed before the beginning of 2008. But future plans call for larger farms with hundreds of canada viagra pharmacies scam 5 MW turbines producing as much as 4 terrawatt hours per year, or roughly enough to power 200,000 households.

More pics after the jump.

Via Inhabitat and Norsk Hydro

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written by orig_club_soda, July 03, 2007
What are the three biggest problems with wind power? "1. Bird Kill, "

This not true. It was debunked. Cats, not windmills, bigger threat to birds.
Read the second sentence
written by CF, July 03, 2007
"Now, I'm not saying that these are always legitimate concerns..."
nice analysis
written by Nick, July 21, 2008
"where birds only go to die"

for someone who is obsessed with saving the planet you sure don't know much about it. I'm a huge proponent of offshore wind energy, but the issue of pelagic bird and turbines as certainly NOT resolved or "debunked."

There has only been one study released so far, and it focused on overwintering ducks...birds that fly much differently than the majority of pelagic birds like storm-petrels, shearwaters and alcids. More studies need to buy viagra canada be done to determine proper sites, and to assess the impact on pelagic birds and mammals.

"American Dream" Lifestyle the Problem!
written by Uncle B, November 29, 2009
Rid the world of the ridiculous "American Dream" lifestyle, replace it with a sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly, lifestyle and Poof! World's problems resolved! See the real viagra for sale great concrete bunkers the U.S.S.R. housed its proletariat in on the web? in the lifeless ruins of the former U.S.S.R.? Well, look at modern day Detroit City, corporatism's own dilemma! SEE: http://uprooted.jessicareeder....mment-3003 Asians, our only hope, only ones powerful enough to make changes anymore. Will they do better? Time will tell! We know the Russian way does not work, we know the American way with 'burbs and internet pharmacy cialis buy online SUV's is a failure, but what will be satisfying for humankind? and will the intelligentsia of Asia be forthcoming and present a model for all of us to follow? Wind power, NIMBY excluded in the new paradigm, and Solar, Wave, Nuclear, Tidal, Hydro all will certainly play a part, but private ownership impeding progress is a typically American, and bankrupt concept, as the American dollar plummets beneath the basements of we recommend discount viagra Hell, never to recover enough prowess to command 80% of world resources again! Paradigm shifts in America will be gut wrenching! Wind Turbines installed on so called "Private Lands" regardless of paper protections, and a gung-ho attitude of S.O.S. will prevail in the troughs of the next economic down cycle of the capitalists economy. All the while, Asian pressure mounts - they too have begun to build, even superior by design and construction, Wind Turbines of renown, for the World's markets! Wise, far sighted, ahead of xenophobic Yankee Doodle! Beware, the Red Dragon is cialis buying online rising! Yellow Peril is upon us!

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