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JUL 11

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Turning One Computer into Ten

A corporation is providing a hardware / software package that is buy generic levitra from india halving the costs of computer labs worldwide while decrease electricity use by turning one computer into ten.

The vast majority of computers are idle during work hours. It's a strange phenomenon, but no so surprising when you think about it.

The things that we normally do tramadol dogs at our computers (read, type, type, read) is an afterthought for today's gigahertz processors. That's why Userful, the world's leader in public computing, recently started hooking one computer up to as many as ten workstations.

The result:
Users have no idea that they're sharing a computer and recommended site canadian rx levitra computer labs all across the world cut their budget in half. But, more importantly, this also saves a huge amount of energy. First, because the computers don't have to be built in the first place, and second because one PC running a maximum capacity uses way less energy than three computers idling, let alone ten.

The hardware is basically a PCI card that allows more monitors and keyboards to be hooked to a regular desktop computer. Userful's software then controls each workstation separately, making it look as if each user has his or her own computer.

Userful has calculated that their hardware / software bundle, called DiscoverStation, has prevented the free sample cialis release of over 13,000 tons of CO2. If just 1% of PCs in the world were switched to the DiscoverStation platform, it would be like removing 26 million cars from the road.

Talk about a good idea who's time has come!
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Look into Sunray's
written by Justin Haggerty, July 11, 2007
Sun Microsystems has been doing this for a while now. Check out the SunRay technology. Basically you have 1 server and it can support hundreds of clients.
There is one but.....
written by DontStopDancing, July 11, 2007
Yes, this can be done easly with today Linux + All you need is a graphic card for each monitor. But what about sound.... ? this cannot be done with today software/hardware AFAIK
If you go for configuration without sound.. i just remake with old UNIX technology ie one box many terminals. I have seen this type of configurations on high-schools, its called multi-seat.
old idea with new coat?
written by Tobias, July 11, 2007
Isn't this basically the old mainframe-terminal setup they used in the days that the computer was new, only with an ordinary pc as mainframe? This is what they used to call time-sharing (I knew my essay on the history of the viagra sale usa internet would come in handy some time)

But I do like the idea.
written by Jade, July 11, 2007
One can configure Linux based thin clients with sound using portaudio and XDMCP.
Thin Client Computing
written by jayKayEss, July 12, 2007
Wikipedia has a nice article on viagra online paypal this:

I read somewhere on the intarwebs about how thin-client computing on Linux is becoming a popular option for cash-strapped public school disticts.
written by cathal, July 12, 2007
VMware have also been doing it for a while now....
written by Josh, July 13, 2007
26 million cars off the road!! Sheesh! At DeVry we have labs full of computers, as do many schools. The power and inexpense of todays CPUs leaves no reason why this shouldn't be implemented more often.

an interesting thought is that providers are beginning to do the opposite: with google at the top level using hundreds of computers linked together to provide a single service, now we are going to be using one computer to serve many people from a lower level.
Looking to do the Same
written by Jason, January 03, 2008
I'm looking at doing the same for my family. I would like to enable my family of 5 to run everything from my one PC. If I put in Client Computers that are able to levitra fast delivery give out sound on headphones per room and have the Main Computer do all the processing then I should actually provide more bang for the levitra online no prescription buck than this setup. Each setup would have an auto sleep mode after 10 minutes of purchase levitra in canada non use which means that almost all devices in my home would be auto turned off after 10 minutes of non use. I'm working on it steadly but I want to incoporate Lights in the room everything to be auto off. With advancements in technology we should be at a stage where waking up and just saying something would auto turn on the devices in that room. No more wasted energy or worries. Don't know if we are there yet but going to try.

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