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JUL 13

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Slick 3-Wheel Roadster Gets 92 MPG

Combining advanced aerodynamics, a three-wheel design, and a new form of fuel delivery, the "Alé" (pronounced 'alay') boasts a major mileage edge over other performance vehicles - even most hybrids - getting up to 92 MPG (US). But don't worry about being laughed off the track; it runs 12's in the quarter mile, and with 1.7 G's of cornering force, it can out-maneuver even the most expensive Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari.

Car Features:

  • 0-60 in under 5 seconds
  • 160 horsepower, 1.5 liter Honda engine
  • 12.9 second ¼ mile time
  • 1.7 G’s cornering performance
  • “Super-low” emissions rating
  • Honda CRX front suspension
  • Porsche 911 steering
  • 75%-80% less CO2 emissions than the average hybrid

Really, this is what cars should look like now; that it's been in development for over 15 years speaks to canadian viagra and healthcare this fact. A candidate for the multi-million dollar Automotive X-prize in the Alternative Class, maybe it will garner enough support to enter the mainstream if it wins. Or maybe someone will outrun rap/movie star Chris Brown (who just bought himself a 13 MPG Lambo) at a green light in an Alé and it will become "cool" to get better than 900 miles to a tank. It's available in BC, Canada in limited quantities now, and there are plans to go into full-scale production in 2012.

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written by Tobias, July 13, 2007
Sorry to say this; but that car is absolutely hideous in my humble opinion....
To each their own
written by Matt James, July 13, 2007
I know a few people who think the Hummer is gorgeous :-

I think the biggest thing here is i use it no prescription that it's got to be an amazingly fun car to we recommend viagra cheapest drive... And people laughed at VW Beetles, the original economy car, for years. ;D
written by Nick, July 13, 2007
Please run this article through spellcheck and cialis next day repost....Matt must have been too excited to spell things like should and development offense....just stating the best online viagra obvious. ;D
written by Brian Green, July 14, 2007
I could never see myself driving that car. Don't plan on taking more than a bag or two home from the store (which means I'd have to go to the store more often). Side impacts would be fatalities, and you better hope everyone is thin because I know several people that'd never be able to get into that! Judging from the way the canopy raises I'd suspect that many people would have trouble ing over the side and getting into it.

The stats are good. Now get those stats into a vehicle for the masses.
Not a Concern
written by Matthew Yudichak, July 14, 2007
I don't think a car with a 12.9 second quarter mile with a roll cage is exactly meant for going to the store. This is just a demonstration of how well an economical car can perform. It's a more "hey look what we can do", and not a "hey look at this practical day to day car".
I'd drive it to the store...
written by Matt James, July 14, 2007
Thanks, Nick. Appreciate the help.


I would definitely drive this to the store... in fact, that's probably what it's best for: short, commuter trips where you're not hauling anything more than a briefcase and maybe a bag of dry cleaning. That's about 70% of the driving in the US, so there's a use for it... just not a large enough demand. Yet.

You could easily add a tow package to pull those one of those little trailers that motorcyclists put behind their hogs for long trips, for those trips to Home Depot or Ikea that require a little more space.

yeah, but
written by jayKayEss, July 15, 2007
it's just a one-seater, right? i'll bet even a conventional gasoline one-seater gets better mileage than a four-door hybrid sedan.
written by Newbie Brad, July 22, 2007
It is so obvious that this is a Bede, a Litestar or a Pulse with some extra-weight body work and extra-weight 2 wheel front axle. The originals are cool.
written by Joe, July 24, 2007
It does kinda resemble a squid. A big red squid.
Still, It would be fun to out do a porsche @ 92 MPG.
This is a good, slightly wacky, start that will hopefully eventually become an amazing mainstream machine.
written by Jason, July 30, 2007
I want one. Where can I get it? What is the pfizer levitra cheap cost?
written by Ghislain-, March 22, 2008
I don't care what any bad stuff people are saying of the car, cause i would love to own and drive one of these. It looks like a sports car and a jet in one. I sold my camaro cause it was a gas gustler, so one of these would be amazing. This offers you protection again rain and tramadol ultram buy the elements that motocycles doesn't offer. I would never give up my motorcycle completly, but if you got to dress nice and don't want to get hit by cold or rain than this car is better than a bike. No Helmet head.. I like this car more and more everytime i see it.
I'd buy it...
written by bojangle, March 25, 2008
With a sub 20k price tag, I'd sign the papers right now. I drive 90 miles a day, with no passengers. Even a compact car is overkill for my needs.
written by John Lagonski, May 20, 2008
That is the coolest car i ever saw in my life.
The looks are awesome, and so is the mpg
Cool Car
written by Sparky Farcaroff, May 20, 2008
8) That is the way all cars should be.
I wanna get one.
written by Talyn Turner, May 20, 2008
Yo, what up with those cars that get good gas mileage? Give me liberty brother with some shiny cool fool vehicles if you know what I mean!
Give me liberty
written by Talyn Turner, May 20, 2008
Yo,whaz up my homie gee! Give me liberty with dem good gas milage vehicles brother! You know how much I like zoomin around Manhatten Island with those slick 3 - wheel cars. So I don`t have to pay buches of bucks driving 8-Ball to good choice buy cheap generic levitra the red light disterict.
Give me liberty!
written by Talyn Turner, May 20, 2008
yo I`m robin some those slick 3 wheel cars so i dont have to pay lots of usefull link viagra online in canada money driven 8-Ball to the red light disterict in liberty city. You know how much i like zoomin around Manhatten Island.
Give me liberty!
written by Talyn Turner, May 20, 2008
yo i am gonna rob those slick 3 wheel cars so i dont have to pay a lot of money driving 8-ball to the red light disterict.
Ive been waiting for something like this
written by Lucia Fernandez, May 20, 2008
this car seems very nice. Im a stay at home mom, and I really spend to much gas diving little Billy to his friends house. I know a lot of other mothers who want to afford driving thier little ones to school. :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-*
Cool Car!
written by Robert Flock, June 07, 2008
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written by Robert Flock, June 07, 2008
This is the cool car. I am gonna go shooin with my good old 30 ought 6. I want that car man! I want to be living the good life like a rockstar driven fifteen cars.
This idea aint that bad
written by Bob Jones, June 24, 2008
you know i will buy it if it had sub 20k price tag on it. i think it will be pretty good to go elk huntin up in dem mountains. i will be happy to get a 900 hunderd pound elk with this car. i am thinking of running it over or shoot it with my rifle! i have good aim i always carry my 22 rifle with a scope on it to shoot prarie dogs or skunks and sometimes i shoot bob cats. the mad thing is i would not be able to life a 900 hundred pound elk. If i shot 900 pound that would be is we use it levitra 6 free samples 3 times my body wieght!!!!!!!!!
written by ronnie pond, July 21, 2008
whats the price???
written by alex, March 14, 2009
An engineering tour de force, not meant as a production vehicle, but would suit most of us just fine...and if we were ALL riding around in something like this I would be willing to buy levitra australia bet there would be a lot more courteous (ie non a**wipe) drivers. And we'd have a LOT more fun driving! Except for the massive masses, who could maybe don this as a 1-foot skateboardy thing.
written by Frank, May 10, 2009
Doesn't Cousin It from the Adam's family drive one of these now?

Just kidding, it's not ugly, just unconventional. An exposed rear wheel woudl make it a little less goony in back and might aid in brake cooling.

Would it be classified as car or motorcycle in the US? Would it meet federal crash standards? If needed, would the extra weight of airbags and rear bumpers severely impact performance? How does it handle rain and snow compared to a 4 wheeler? Does it have any built in traction control to limit wheel spin or unintentional drifting?

Not that any of this matters to me, I'd drive on in any case, but it night matter with respect to market viability in the USA.
written by Cynthia, August 05, 2009
This car is awesome! So futuristic. I am 53 years old and ready for something else besides get old and get into a Lincoln Towncar!
written by Curtis, August 24, 2012

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