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"Great! far. Why not a wind-up power source radio so I don't ev..."

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The Pure Evoke Eco Digital Radio

While a standard radio might not be the most sexy gadget out there these days the only for you high quality viagra new Pure Digital Evoke-1S is catching our eye. This isn't just because it supports DAB/FM broadcasts - but also because it's being marketed as an environmentally friendly tech toy.

The Evoke-1S is pretty much your standard DAB/FM radio for picking up digital radio broadcasts in various parts of the world. You get scrolling text on the OLED display to see what music is playing, up to a full day of portable listening via the rechargeable battery, enhanced audio output and canadianpharmacy an auxiliary input to connect a device like an iPod.

Sounds pretty blah, right? Well, as far as eco-geeks go, it wins some points for at least trying to female viagra by mail be eco-sensitive. This stylish-looking radio has a standby power consumption of under 1W, uses a rechargeable battery and is finished with a water-based varnish. You also get packaging made mainly from recycled material and soy-ink based documentation printed on recycled paper.

This DAB radio is apparently not the first eco-gadget developed by Pure, which markets such products under the EcoPlus label.

via Engadget

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The Pure Evoke Eco Digital Radio
written by marcia, August 05, 2008
Great! far. Why not a wind-up power source radio so I don't ever have to plug it in?

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