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AUG 05

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"Zero X is not a gas motorcycle conversion and best price generic propecia was designed from the gr..."

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Electric Motorbike Programmable for Any Rider

Not ready to lay down $11,000 for the Electric Vectrix? Well, an electric dirt bike might not be as stylin' as the Vectrix, but what if you could cut that price in half. Zero Motorcycles is working on alternative meds for viagra the how much is viagra Zero X Electric Motor Cycle, the "Zero" stands for zero emissions, zero noise, and "almost zero maintenance." The bike should be ready for purchase early 2008.

The bike's drive train is configurable via the manufacturer; you can get the street version with 16" tires, or the off-road version which comes with 20" off-road tires. The bike's max range is 40 miles, and the max speed is 60 mph. It plugs into a normal 110V/220V outlet, and charges in about three hours.

One of the truly unique features of this bike is the configurable on-board "ZBrain" computer. You can tweak the max speed, throttle response, max output current, and more. This is another of the many advantages of electric vehicles. If you want to make it more efficient, program it to be more efficient! If you want it to jump off the where to get cialis cheap starting line but only go 20 miles on a charge, you can do that too! The bike connects directly to any Microsoft Windows computer via purchase cialis usa USB 2.0 cable.

They are in the production phases of their "2008 Zero X", but you can reserve yours at their website. If you don't believe the power of this dirt bike yet, then check this out, the bike has even been used in the Mini Moto Competition.

$2000 reserves the bike...the total cost is about $6500.

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It's actually $6500...
written by Duff, August 06, 2007
I thought it was $2k as well, but your $2000 just buys you the opportunity to buy the cheap levitra uk bike for $6500 when it is manufactured. They will apply your $2000 to the $6500 purchase price though:
written by EV, August 06, 2007
Is it street legal? Or is this for off-road only? Either way, it's still too expensive for what it gives us.
written by Kacey Green, September 06, 2007
Its cheaper than the Volt might be. And about the same price the Voloci was going for back in the day. I'm interested.
great blog
written by web design company, September 12, 2007
Indeed a great post......frankly
written by Andrew Blake, November 22, 2007
Probably a great bike, BUT- what the world needs is a bike with this kind of performance stats at a quarter of the price! :-
written by Tim Peterson, February 07, 2008
what the world needs is to get off their dirt bikes and take a walk in the woods.
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written by Pitster Pro, April 29, 2010
Zero X is not a gas motorcycle conversion and was designed from the ground up to operate on 100% electric power.

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