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"From being a fequent flyer of 22 years, I've grown attached to the win..."

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Fuel Efficient Plane Prototype Hits Skies

NASA and Boeing have just conducted the first test flight of their scale model of a blended wing body passenger jet the cialis arterial fibrillation X48 B. The 500 lb model is a 8.5% scale craft that, with the aid of three turbo jet engines, can reach 10,000 feet and genuine cialis online 120 knots. The model is part of a continuing research program that hopes to culminate in blended-wing-body commercial aircraft.

Blended wing craft are far more efficient than traditional airplanes because the entire body of BWB aircraft provides lift, isntead of viagra dosage 100 mg generic viagra just the wings. More efficient still, are flying wings, like the B2 bomber, but flying wings have far less space to store cargot and are unstable due to their lack of any stabilizing structures.

Boeing and NASA hope to have a full-scale prototype BWB craft flying between 2015 and 2020. Which is good news for all of us, as the craft would be quiet, spacious and extremely fuel efficient. And fuel efficiency in airplanes is more than just good for the planet, it's good for the wallet as well.

More Pictures here.

Via TreeHugger and NASA Press Release

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written by crash course, August 11, 2007
I'm told the lack of windows stopped the original flying wing development. I guess video cameras and screens will solve that these days...
written by Joe, August 11, 2007
On an airplane, are windows really a needed element for anyone other than the pilot? I hate flying personally, so maybe I'm biased, but I don't see a "need" to stare at clouds for the whole flight. The outer seats could be priced higher for a window view, and inner seats could be cheaper for those who don't care. Plus, laptops, mp3 players, and airline provided in flight movies are allreay pretty standard. Unlike 30 years ago, people have a lot more ways to entertain themselves.
like a bird
written by josh, August 11, 2007
I cannot stand a trip without looking out a window. Call me simple, but it adds so much more to the experience. Even on car rides, train rides, and bus rides I find myself glued to the window. Going above the clouds was always fun to me, and I would pity the children who grow up having that experience through an LCD screen.

Now with such planes it is much more practical to have more non-window seats, so really there is cheap viagra soft little that can be done. But I still think they shouldn't get rid of windows altogether. There should still be a first class arrangement with window seating.

Wrong about space
written by Ryan Baker, August 12, 2007
Where's you get the idea there is less space in a flying wing? The only flying wing I'm familiar with is the B2, but from what I've heard it has crazy capacity.

I think you're right on the legal pharmacy online second point, kind of. It's not that they ARE less stable. They just feel that way from the interior. Saying they are less stable makes it sound like they're less safe, when I'm pretty sure you mean that turbulence may feel a bit more choppy.
written by Free Viagra, August 26, 2007
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Windows !
written by Brian Gyles, August 31, 2007
Okay so no (Side) windows. could always have roof windows or depending on the curve of the body wise windows at a higher angle on the side could still be possible.
Thumbs up for windows
written by Angela, March 18, 2008
I think windows are a must, especially for someone like me who tends to look there sales cialis get motion sickness unless I can see outside. Plus, if you're on viagra uk buy a long flight, it helps with jet lag to let your body know when it's day or night outside. Finally, some of the most spectacular views are seen from the window seat! :)
Head of A/V fabrication
written by Wade, May 22, 2008
I think people are hard to change. Older generations do not move easily in new directions. Like making a 60 year old man wear a seatbelt, people don't like changes. Structural integrity is my first priority. If a higher level of structural integrity can be guaranteed from losing the windows...I'm game.
As a solution I think that with the prices of LCD monitors going down and the price of PTZ Cameras also being more and cheap generic cialis more afordable, we could bring a whole new level of excitement to flying instead of the limited view given by a window we could Zoom in on anything we are flying over. we could see 360 degrees around the plane. each seat with its own mini-system.
It would have to be a subsystem that will go blank in case of emergency. power isolated to primary systems only...that would be the only downside.
b 52
written by caleb j, December 08, 2008
it looks cool but i still like yhe b 52 h
written by David, May 06, 2009
Why is everyone freaking out over the the best place buy cialis us windows? I wanna know how the heck you are going to get out of the thing if it has an emergency landing in water or something. To me it looks a lot like a death trap, and I'm not usually freaked out about that stuff.
my two cents/ soap box
written by DeBron D. Young , November 11, 2012
From being a fequent flyer of 22 years, I've grown attached to the windows in the airplanes. The idea of generic cialis online sitting in an airplane and knowing that I'm bulkheads away from the nearest window is very unnerving. For that very reason I have thought up the perfect solution. Adding "observation areas" to these airplanes where passengers can leave there seats and go watch the birds, the traffic commuters, and a whole bunch of other stuff people like to levitra online canada look at during the fligh. If not that then windows on the floor.

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