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AUG 13

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"Well that's the last time I let my three-year-old play with my nail gu..."

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A123Systems: Our Batteries Won't Kill You

A123Systems was just announced as the get viagra chief supplier of battery technology to GM for their plug-in electric projects. The partnership is a pretty big deal, and largely has to do buy tramadol no perscription with the much-touted safety of overseas cialis A123's batteries.

Now we've seen what can happen when lithium-ion batteries become unstable: toxic gases and viagra overnite intense heat and exploding laptops. It's one of the reasons why the Tesla Roadster (with it's hundreds of li-ion battery packs) seems like not such a good idea to levitra generic online us. So when we heard that A123's batteries would be safer than a gas tank in a 90 mph Chevrolet, we were skeptical.

But they're alleviating some of those fears. Above is a video of an A123 battery being punctured by a nail followed by a tradtional Li-ion being punctured by a nail. The difference is obvious. Sure, there's some smoking with the A123 cell, but the traditional li-ion very nearly explodes and actually begins to melt before the fire is out.

This, on the whole, is great news for electric cars. Now we just have to wonder how much cost these things will add to traditional NiMH hybrids.

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written by crash course, August 13, 2007
I know which car I'd rather be in...
written by EV, August 13, 2007
I watched that video with my laptop on only today buy cheap viagra my lap and it made me ponder the get free viagra danger resting right on my... well, you get the idea. When can they start putting these new ones in laptops?
Laptop saftey
written by Hank, August 13, 2007
Luckily, we're not generally traveling at 70 mph INSIDE our laptops. And laptops batteries explode, we can generally run away...not always the case in a car.
Laptop safety too
written by Strange-but-True, August 14, 2007
Well that's the last time I let my three-year-old play with my nail gun and the neighbour's laptop for a while. Bring on the new batteries!

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