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AUG 24

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Wind Turbines to Suck Water from Air

We showed an extremely simple, low-tech method for getting water with the article about the Watercone earlier this month. But while this may be suitable for small, personal uses, getting enough water for a community or for crops in a dry location is more difficult. The pump windmill was a ubiquitous sight on American farms throughout the levitra super active viagra on sale in france west in the last century. And an Australian inventor's device looks to update the idea, but draws the water from the air, rather than from in the ground.

The Max Water uses the power of incoming wind to cool the air and generic cialis cheap then collects the cheapest viagra water that condenses. In theory, a small 4 meter square (43.1 sq. ft.) unit could provide an average of 6,300 liters (1,664 gallons) per day. And the inventor hopes that larger units could be used for irrigation purposes in places where rainfall is uk levitra insufficient.

"At 30 degrees C with relative humidity of 60% air contains approximately 18 grams per cubic meter of i recommend purchase of viagra water. If the air can be cooled to 5 degrees C, at which temperature the air can only contain approximately 8 grams per cubic meter, about 10 grams of water will condense out of the air as fog or droplets."

Even in arid regions, there is moisture in the air. Using wind turbines to provide the power for the system seems an elegant approach to providing the power needed to run the refrigeration systems to make this work. There is some question as to whether or not this system will realistically be able to extract as much water from the air as its inventor claims. If the implementation bears out the theory, this could be a benefit for dry regions across the globe. 

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Neat idea
written by disdaniel, August 24, 2007
25 degrees C of cooling is a lot! That device must be bigger than it looks. The wind power is used to refridgerate the air, which causes the moisture to drop out.

After clicking through to the Max Water website, I have to wonder if they are wise to pitch this to arid countries...arid countries by definition have low humidity which means relative humidity is also low. Still the arid countries need water the most.
Australia and Canada : at the indian cialis generic forefront
written by jacoby, August 25, 2007
In this field, not only Australians but also Canadians are really active. I noticed a canadian company WATAIRE INDUSTRIES (or WATAIRE ECOSAFE TECHNOLOGIES?)

In Europe, we have not the same interest towards this type of innovative technology.Although, our climate is really suitable for that.
sustaining humidity levels in arid areas
written by Benjamin Taheny, August 28, 2007
While this is a great invention, I suggest that the reason deserts form is due, in large part, to the fact that the winds have already dropped most of the moisture they were carrying before reaching these desert regions.

In that respect, I feel it would be advisable to build lakes or other large bodies of water in a series leading towards desert regions - providing more evaporative capacity to be dropped and reducing the areas of deserts.
Energy balance doesn't figure
written by Dan Rhys, September 13, 2007
So this is basically a wind turbine connected to a dehumidifier (without the inefficiencies of canadian pharmacies cialis electricity conversion).
Back of the envelope calculation using state of the art OTS (off the shelf) technology:
4.9 m2 wind turbine = 1000 watts
dehumidifier based water extraction unit 1000 watts = 1 litre per hour
= 24 litres per day
which is a lot less than 6,300 litres per day!

This guy is crazy, he expects to dehumidify 1.44 million m3 of air per day - ridiculous!

Yeah I agree
written by mario, March 19, 2008
Yeah I agree , and any moisture that is extracted will evaporate since the air that is brought in warmer, and even if you could cool this air you would need a lot of energy, the air would have to be at least 4 or 5 degrees cooler than air being inducted. Imagine the buy online levitra cialis viagra amount of energy needed to cool your house even 1 degree, you could run your a/c all day and you wouldn't be able to cool your house 5 degrees, and thats stagnanent air; Not continous air that is found in the desert.
written by NikonFreak, April 17, 2008
It's just like the moisture farmers from Star Wars.
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written by Uncle B, September 27, 2008
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Tried and Trusted
written by Johannes Tuxworth, March 04, 2009
As with most emerging markets, it seems every week that there is a new company offering these kinds of recommended site order levitra canada products.

In an honesty, just go with the original and the best? is an Australian company that pioneered Water from Air back in the 70's and 80's. They have been doing it forever and they are pretty well know within the discount viagra cialis levitra online industry.

I tried to save dollars and went with a competitor which subsequently went bankrupt and when my machine caved in (within the warranty period) I was left high and dry. Apparently there are a few pirates out there but my second machine has been a Konia and canadian mailorder viagra its just awesome. The flexbility of have the AWG outside and the dispenser is so convenient and just makes sense. I dont know why anyone else does not offer this setup.....?
what about this company / technology ?
written by Ron, June 04, 2010
Ancient Hebrews were doing this at Masada
written by JS, September 07, 2012
The method used by the ancient hebrews at masada seemed to be a good design. Pyramids of bowling ball sized stones stacked 40 feet high captured moisture out of the air and the dew that formed on the stones deeper inside this pile would trickle down and be collected in underground cisterns. Low tech sometimes is best, not always, not even often, just sometimes.

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