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AUG 24

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"In reply to Ed, to get electricity from coal to run a pluggable hybrid..."

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GM to Produce 60,000 Volts in its First Year!?

Bloomberg seems to have somehow gotten a bit of a scoop concerning GM's plug-in hybrid electric car the Volt. They say that "people with knowledge of recommended site viagra sales online GM's plans" have said that 60,000 Volts may be produced in the car's first year.

Not only does that pose an enormous technological challenge for GM, it's also pretty much the largest wager that any car company has ever made on a green vehicle. In fact, it may be the largest wager that any large car company has ever made on anything. For comparison, Toyota launched the Prius in America with only 15,000 cars on sale, and didn't reach 60,000 units per year until five years after launch.

Frankly, it sounds insane. It would mean that GM will be required to sell the Volt at a profit, whereas Toyota sold the Prius at a loss for years. And it would mean that GM is counting on an unprecedented demand for the vehicle. But, as some people at GM have indicated to me, they hope that the car will be a money-maker for them below $30,000. If this is the case and viagra low price Americans can see the buy cialis online canada logic of the e-Flex platform, then we can almost certainly expect a serious change in the automotive landscape.

If this is true, GM is more than comitted to the Volt. In fact, it seems as if they're relying on it as their last chance to regain its crown.

Via Bloomberg and ABG
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written by Shane, August 25, 2007
A hybrid car that doesnt look like a superdork car. I think their bet is right on. I and others I know want something sporty that is order generic levitra green. Bring it on!
written by EV, August 25, 2007
I've been debating whether to exchange my car in when it is 6 years old for one of these, or wait until it is 12 years old. Still not sure, especially as my family has a habit of having to have our old cars towed away.
Can someone please explain
written by Ed, August 26, 2007
how getting electricity from coal to run a car is in any way more environmentally friendly?
written by EV, August 27, 2007
First, because not all US power comes from Coal. There is a significant amount that is produced by hydro, nuclear, wind and solar. And that amount is increasing.
Second, even if it was all coal, a central coal power plant is much more efficient and is easier to herbal alternative to cialis clean than a car engine.
written by eurorudolf, August 27, 2007
from europe its looks little bit weird. I mean this fight with your life standard. To get same milege with less gallons?
Its more political quetion, not technical. Becouse you dont use all your advances you have in US(simple diesel engine, public transport, car share, oil tax, luxury tax for medium or bigger cars).
Its unbeliveble that US waiste more gas than about 30 biggest countries together!
And not only US. All western lifestile is uk cialis sales more less insane.
I mean insane Wtrade, Wbank, individualismus und low price levitra liberalismus, leaders money talk.
Bank does not care about envirolment. Ok, green is trendy and armless minorities for them. Individualismus cant be green .
World trade is economical? To produce somewhere and sell anothere place. With slave trade, i mean immigration.
If you need to much,need more you have, then WTrade and slave trade will help you.
Its allways easiest to change world than yourself.
hybrid 2
written by eurorudolf, August 27, 2007
Ja, und this mpg is mostlly about money. Gas is now little bit more expencive- need more mpg cars. But you need same milege to drive, same speed.
Hybrid und other trendy cars are more expencive- more grey energy waisters also.
You must more work(drive) to get this extra money back for bankers-parasites.
It's long overdue
written by Paul, August 28, 2007
:)We've had good technology for decades for clean and efficient cars however we are governed by politics/oil companies. This car is gorgeous and viagra seizures I also like the Prius.
written by FX Trading System, October 30, 2007
The problem with aero design is that it often requires a car's length to be extended. This doesn't work well in crowded cities. And aero design is nearly pointless for a city car that spends 90% of its time at speeds under 30 mph.
written by Edward Neidert, November 13, 2007
In reply to Ed, to get electricity from coal to run a pluggable hybrid car IS more environmentally friendly. You see, power plants can't be shut down at night, or even throttled back. The electricity generated at night and not used is wasted. For that reason, many power companies sell their power at a discount at night. Most people with a pluggable hybrid will be plugging them in at night and using power that otherwise would be going to waste.

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