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"Anyone know where or how I can get the generator featured on the "Volt..."

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GM Integrates Segways into Concept Hybrid Opel Flextreme

The Opel Flextreme is the European variant of the much anticipated Chevy Volt. And, frankly, we're officially even more impressed with GM's work on the E-Flex platform.

While the car will be driven entirely by two electric motors, the Flextreme will have a diesel engine for range extension (meaning it will simply recharge the batteries when they run low.)  This is the first application of the "E-Flex" architecture outside the Volt which will have a gasoline / E85 flex-fuel engine. GM showed a hydrogen variant for the Chinese market and buy levitra sale the Opel Flextreme will be diesel.

To keep pushing the cool factor, GM has decided to include storage space specifically designed for a pair of best canadian pharmacy Segways in the back of the Flextreme. The Segways will charge off the car's battery / generator. Just another gadget? Or a change in the business of personal transport?

Segway CEO Jim Norrod says:

Working with General Motors is a logical step toward providing people with flexible, electric and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. The Flextreme concept with integrated Segway PTs is a superior example of the evolution of transportation.

If Jim says so...then it has to canadian drugs levitra be true right?

Storing the Segways means more weight and a smaller fuel tank -- which cuts the range from 640 to 444 miles, but a 600 mile range just isn't very important in Europe. And, in any case, the 220 volt European sockets will fully charge the batteries in just three hours.

Thanks to AutoBlogGreen, which has an extensive discussion and more great pictures.

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Great looking car but...
written by weee, September 11, 2007
I'm not sure about the wow it's great viagra pills canadian Segways. I don't think many have been sold in Europe and it's going to push the price up substantially.
The death of walking?
written by Joe, September 11, 2007
What a cool looking car. But as for the segways...
does the average person really need them? I mean, we've all got, you know, feet.
Has Anyone Tried This Car
written by Tim Smith, September 12, 2007
Has anyone ever tried this new car I was thinking of getting one.
BMW AC Schnitzer GPL 3.10
written by Peter, September 13, 2007
That BMW is a great machine. I would love to drive one.
written by EV, November 04, 2007
Anyone know where or how I can get the generator featured on the "Volt" concept vehicle?

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