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Yes, the Army is Looking Into Wooden Hummers

A wooden Hummer sounds...well...aside from sounding like that... it doesn't sound like something Army would really be interested in, but there you have it. The Army is beating major manufacturers to levitra non prescription the punch by looking into alternative materials in the construction of its automobiles.

The vehicle would be 900 lbs lighter than traditional Humvees, allowing for better gas mileage and buy online cheap generic viagra more opportunities for armor without compromising the design of overnight cod tramadol the vehicle. Current Humvees are not designed to be defensible against explosives, and so armor must be added. But the armor slows the vehicles, and they ride lower, making them even more susceptible to explosives.

The composite materials currently being tested are a combination of fiberglass, wood, foam, and carbon supports held together with resin. This is the online discount cialis kind of research the Army should be doing. Let's hope this ends up in the private sector too. It'd be nice to see a fuel-efficient well as a safer Iraq.

Via Army Times
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written by Anonymous, September 19, 2007
I think there has been a typo in just about 9 out of 10 of the last articles by you, Hank. Is it so much to ask to get someone to best way to buy cialis take a quick proofread of your articles before you post them? I mean seriously, you leave out words, and although only a minor annoyance it really breaks the flow of the sentence.

Just a thought.
A safer Iraq?
written by Christiaan, September 19, 2007
The only thing that will make Iraq safe is for the Hummers and their occupants to be shipped back to the land they came from.
written by Simon, September 19, 2007
How will Iraq be safer with more "fuel efficient" Humvees?
Boggles the mind...
written by Frank, September 19, 2007
That Hummer engineers never envisioned these vehicles being exploded from the ground up. Wouldn't you test that first?
written by Joel, September 19, 2007
not so sure a composite auto body is ecologically sound. I'm sure it's much less recyclable than steel.
written by Ella, September 19, 2007
How does a compostie body help the Hummer's awful fuel efficently and ecological rating? They may be lighter but they still guzzle carbon heavy gas and produce toxic fumes. All the wooden body really does is decrease the protection to our precious soliders. Any weight removed will have to be replaced with heavy armour. It's a lose-lose situation
I don't think the army's looking at the
written by weee, September 20, 2007
the faster a vehicle travels; the more difficult it it is to ambush/snipe at it.
Reading comprehension is your friend.
written by Cecilia, September 20, 2007
I'm very saddened by the comments that seem to ignore the whole point of this article.
written by Ashley L. now F, September 21, 2007
No joke, Cecilia.
written by LCPL Davis, Branden, September 26, 2007
I like the article but I have a bit of an issue. The picture is of a Marine. The olive drab shirt, the desert utilities, the bloused boots, and what appears to 100mg generic viagra be either the Tan or Green MCMAP belt all point to one thing. Marine Corps. Kudos on the article and anyone who remembers that all throughout history men have built wooden replica weapons. Be it a siege tank, a ballista, tanks, hummers, or even aircraft the us cialis illusion is sometimes more effective than the said weapon system.

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