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OCT 23

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" :D ;D :o :P :-* u geek it didnt pop up but i seen it before it dont s..."

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Virtual Bubble Wrap Destruction

Sometimes we miss stupid things when we move into a more green lifestyle. Yes, one of the things I most miss is levitra canada prescription the easily-reusable, but non-biodegradable, petro-chemical-based packing material, bubble wrap.

I don't miss using miss destroying it. Turning it from a useful product into a sheet of pure trash. And while I know that popping bubble wrap is no good for anyone, that doesn't stop me from wanting to do it.

Which is why I'm so happy that I've found a way to artificially pop bubble wrap in the virtual world. Check it out, and don't forget to go into manic mode.

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A better (but less satisfying) use
written by Gary, October 24, 2007
Save some of that bubble wrap for window insulation:

written by Stacy, October 24, 2007
Such a waste of time to
written by Alex, October 24, 2007
Not quite realistic, because with real bubble wrap, no matter how long you spend popping you never get all of the bubbles.
written by Homes for you, October 25, 2007
Virtual bubble can't compare with realistic one, when you feel bubbles with fingers))
Such fun!
written by Nina, October 25, 2007
Thank you, Hank. A fun way to waste my time at the the best place buy levitra online without prescription end of Science Class. ;D
Oh yeah!
written by Liz, October 25, 2007
So maybe not the samething, but still hella fun! :D
brief entertainment
written by Emily Aitchison, October 26, 2007
have sent the link to colleagues and we now have a craving for the real stuff!!
written by Lynn, January 17, 2008
Hey Hank! I love bubble rap too! I have a sheet in the back to satisfy my recent craving for it.
written by courtney and francesca, March 31, 2008
:D ;D :o :P :-* u geek it didnt pop up but i seen it before it dont scare me after seing dat and scary maze a zillio times

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