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DEC 10

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"After all the discounts, and signing a 2 year contract I got my smartp..."

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"Perfect" E-Reader Competition

A lot of viagra online pharmacy no prescription less-than-kind things were recently said about the design of Amazon's Kindle e-Book reader. Frankly, I couldn't care's designed to be functional...and I dig function.

But I admit it could be prettier, and the people at the design blog Core77 were pretty unsatisfied. So they've asked their readers to design the perfect eBook reader...before Tuesday...

OK, well, they announced the competition a week ago, and now as it's wrapping up, I'm getting excited to see the results. We'll have a report on the winners (and honorable mentions) on Wednesday. But for now, Sony's newest PRS Reader still wins for "device that actually exists."

Via TreeHugger

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eee pc
written by odograph, December 10, 2007
I'm very happy with my asus eee pc (512M/4G "surf" model, $349). I can use it to surf webs, track rss, trade email.

It comes with an ebook reader (FBReader) that works pretty well. I've actually read a book with it.

For me it a good portable device because I don't just want to only for you cheap levitra from uk read, I want to comment. The keyboard, just big enough for touch-typing, allows me to do that.

Oh, and after 5 days use I'm still under 1/2 kWh all told (as measured by my "Kill-A-Watt" monitor).
Why not just get a smartphone
written by Stuart, December 11, 2007
After all the discounts, and signing a 2 year contract I got my smartphone for about $10 (plus whatever they're gouging me on the monthly). I downloaded and buy female cialis installed a free ebook reader (mobipocket), and I've got an ebook reader that plays mp3s, surfs the internet, works as a phone, etc...

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