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JUL 08

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GreenPrint’s Free Software Prevents Pointless Printing

Printing out pages – like, actual paper pages, that ultra un-geeky method of communication and order cheap tramadol fedex overnight cod data storage – is getting more and more pointless, expensive, and, thankfully, taboo. However, there are still people who like to print out info from websites and emails, and that often means a lot of time taken in reformatting and deleting data items to make the printout efficient. Or, more likely, it means a lot of wasted ink and pages because of junky formatting that is a time-consuming pain to brand cialis without prescription buy fix.

If there is no “Printer Friendly Version” button to click, then GreenPrint’s free software might be the solution. The software does the reformatting for the user, so that efficient printing is fast, easy, and possible. Their goal is to save 100 million trees through extensive use of the program, hence why they've launched a free version.

The home edition available worldwide to users and nonprofits digitally reads and omits wasted pages that have useless text and cialis canadian geneic images like URLs, banner ads, disclaimers, and the buy discount viagra like – usually that last page that’s blank but for a URL and banner ad or redundant signatures from email strings. On top of good choice discount generic cialis saving trees, GreenPrint says the program can save as much as $90 and 1,400 wasted pages per year for the average user.

I’d rather people just stop using so much paper. But, if folks are going to print, then this is the greener way to do it, especially if it is combined with soy inks, recycled paper (including the clean side of already printed on paper), and some reservation about hitting the print button.

Via GoodCleanTech

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Side by side printing layout
written by RickO, July 08, 2008
For the past several years, my strategy for saving paper when printing web pages, documents, or anything else has been to click now viagra in canada use a two-pages-per-sheet, side-by-side printing layout. Sometimes the text is a bit small, but printing two pages per sheet cuts has cut my paper usage by half. I also print on the back of old pages whenever possible. Printing multiple pages per sheet is a built-in feature of the Mac OS X print interface; I'm not sure how to do it in Windows.
written by Starr, July 08, 2008
I downloaded GreenPrint a while back, but it wasn't working for me, taking forever to load and whatnow.

4 months later, and I'm still trying to uninstall it. But it's still there.

Oh well.
written by Ray, July 09, 2008
Because of Star's comment, I installed Green Print and then uninstalled it. Seems to be a very well behaved program and it uninstalled correctly.

To me by far the best feature of this program is the ability to "print to" a PDF file. Now I can make archival copies using NO paper. I can have neatly filed PDF copies on my hard drive instead of a mountain of paper.

Hard disk space is really cheap now. Let's all save to PDF's instead of printing the information on pieces of dead tree.
written by Robo, July 12, 2008
Greenprint is loading little bit slower. I print multiple page with similar Fineprint, lot of properties, although its not free software.
written by Nidhi Mathson, October 20, 2008
Nice article, hard copies are almost impossible to order cialis without perscription avoid in a small business but consider these tips from Earthtone ( for environmentally-friendly printing:
1. Print only what you need - Sounds obvious right?
2. Measure twice, cut once - reduce the need for wasteful re-printing by detecting errors before the print job is executed.
3. Get your printing done on the go - Let your fingers do the walking, and use the internet to find the purchasing levitra print shop that is closest to where your documents need to be.
4. Store and share your documents online - you can reach out to your road warriors to review a PowerPoint, or collaborate with your home office on a proposal without having to print and ship hard copies of the drafts.
written by chad, March 19, 2013
All it takes is a little effort on every-bodies part to make a difference. I know all of may information is now paperless. I'm mainly talking about my bills. I pay each and everyone of my bills online now. No more mail piled high with useless envelopes.

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