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AUG 30

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"Yeah, but how many pieces of paper does it use, versus regular hand-wr..."

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Take Digital Notes on a Budget

aiptekmynoteApitek's MyNote digital clipboard is a simple and inexpensive device that lets you take notes without the need for all that pesky paper but without all of the frills and significant digits of a tablet PC. 

The device, and it's 32 megs of internal flash memory, can store 130 pages of notes and can upload to any Windows PC via USB.  It's battery powered, and not directly rechargeable, so you'll want to by five NiMH batteries along with it and it should go about 20 hours on a charge.  Try that with a tablet PC.   You can get one now in Germany for USD 130, no word on a US release.  
It'd be perfect for the back-to-school EcoGeek.  Save yourself all the piles of unorganized papers and just make a file for notes on your computer.  
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written by a guest, August 30, 2006
Similiar appearing item on page 7 of their latest catalog #133 0308 DigiMemo 32MB plus will take a compact flash card,
still uses paper...
written by a guest, August 31, 2006
While cool and useful for getting handwritten notes into your PC, this device still uses up normal paper (there is no display, it just records the movement of the pen).
how much paper?
written by Helen, September 04, 2006
Yeah, but how many pieces of paper does it use, versus regular hand-written notes? If it's one versus the regular 5 for each class, then this is definitely worth it.

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