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OCT 20

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"SKYNET! computers building computers. ahhhh!!..."

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Organic Semiconductors: A Step Towards Self Assembly

Quinquethiophene - a cute word with major implications. Quinquethiophene is an organic molecule which European scientists have recently used to develop a self-arranging computer circuit. Dago de Leeuw, who led the team of physicists at Philips Research Laboratories in the Netherlands, created the integrated circuit by fusing quinquethiophene with a carbon chain containing a silicon group at its end. The resulting semiconducting molecule can arrange itself on cialis online from canada a circuit’s surface.

Fabricating organic electronic circuits has enticed researchers for a while. Firstly, organic semiconductors are cheaper and more flexible than silicon. The hope, though is that one day specially designed organic semiconductors can literally arrange themselves into complex structures – by simply throwing them into a beaker (though that day seems to canada pharmacy cialis be a way off).
According to the MIT Technology Review, the methods currently used to fabricate organic circuits include lithographic etching and ink-jet printing.

Why is it green? Self-assembly would make manufacturing circuits a heck of a lot simpler and it would save resources. Current circuits are formed by etching into a block of semiconductor material, which means some of the semiconductor goes to waste. Doesn’t seem like so much when you think of the size of a computer chip, but when you consider the number of chips being manufactured… it certainly adds up.

With new chemical processes, of course, come new dangerous and environmentally hazardous compounds. Obviously, it would be hard to approve of these organic circuits if they end up producing such byproducts… but for now, we’ll leave that problem to the green chemists.

Via IT Examiner and MIT Technology Review


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written by bob, October 20, 2008
I wonder how radiation sensitive these circuits are. If we can get these working, then get a self assembl9ing power supply in with it, then integrate some kind of assembly chamber into each unit ... we could plop this stuff somewhere not hospitable to human life and let them evolve away. Upper atmosphere of buy chinese herbal viagra a gas giant ... surface of mars ... fun possibilities.
written by Off Topic, October 20, 2008
written by Clinch, October 21, 2008
I think carectomy has simply run out of available writers.

And Bob, I think you've got the wrong idea about this, these aren't self replicating circuits, they are self assembling.
The way this was explained to me, is that the usual method for writing circuits is like masonry, you have a large chunk of stone, and have to remove bits, until you're only left with what you want (and a pile of rubbish), the other method is like carpentry (or more like ikea stuff, or lego), where you build upwards from smaller pieces, and have nothing left over.

The self assembly part comes from the small components ("lego bricks") being attracted to a circuit template, and arranging themself in to the correct pattern (because of the template).
written by Brian, October 26, 2008

computers building computers. ahhhh!!

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