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"What about the impact of the reader's production? Most computer-like o..."

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Sony Reader: 10-31-06. $349.


We've been waiting for those numbers for quite a long time.  The Sony Reader was supposed to be the next e-ink reader more than six months ago.  In the meantime, my Librie broke and generic levitra prices the iRex iLiad debuted with a $600 pricetag and I have found myself entirely e-readerless. 

Well, there's still a bit more waiting to do, but the wait to find out how much waiting I'd have to do is over.  The Sony Reader, a high-quality, non-DRM-crippled ebook reader will be available on viagra testimonial or before Halloween. The device looks spectacular, and the Sony Connect Store (already used for Music Downloads) will be launching a book download services at the same time.  The prices we've seen (saving about $4 on the cover price of a new hardback) isn't inspiring much confidence. But the book's ability to good choice buy levitra in canada no prescription read any text, PDF, or Word document more than makes up for that. 
Some shots of accessories are on their way. Boy do I wish they could get the Times Reader running on this thing.  Soon enough, I imagine. 
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eBook companison?
written by Tom Konrad, March 11, 2007
It sounds like you've had a chance to use several of these readers... I'm thinking of switching so I can save some trees by switching from paper magazines to e-subscriptions. Do you have a favorite reader?
Sony Reader
written by asrai, October 05, 2007
What about the impact of the reader's production? Most computer-like objects have toxic plastics inside. I don't know anything about sony's track record with regard to reducing environmental hazards.
Also, how long will the thing last? Can it be recycled? Since cell phones and other technogadgets becoming a growing source of 50mg viagra uk cheap waste, I worry about these things.
I know it's a bit of a devil's advocate line of questioning, but I'm not sure that "less waste gadgets" really produce less waste.

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