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VirtuSphere and online pharmacy cost levitra Marine Envy

{mosimage}Ecogeeks love the virtual.

If you can experience something virtually (say, driving race cars downtown or combating aliens on a distant world) without having to mobilize the resources required to actually go do it, the world benefits. 

So it is with mixed feelings that we take note of the VirtuSphere, a cool new training device for U.S. Marines, under development  at the cheap levitra pills Navy Research Laboratory. This nine-foot plastic ball is mounted on rollers, enabling an occupant wearing virtual reality goggles to walk through any environment the computer can generate. Orientation sensors allows the "game" (ugh) to detect and respond to head movement, rifle aim, and shots taken. 

We love the idea—nay, drool at the prospect—of stepping into this unit personally to slay us some Covenant on Coagulation.

We just wish the military had similarly dorky intentions for it.

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