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AUG 15

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AT&T's iPhone Bills: 70,000 Trees Per Year

OK...maybe this picture is a bit of an exaggeration, but there is something strange going on with the way AT&T is billing for the iPhone. If the resources necessary to create this beautiful new device weren't bad enough, AT&T has been providing an itemized list of every single data transfer made by users with every bill. The result is that the bills are, on average, about 50 pages long.

Muhammad Saleem has done some quick calculations and cheap 25mg cialis discovered that as many as 70,000 trees will have to be harvested to create the paper necessary for all these bills. Then add in the only now levitra mexico amount of energy necessary to ship these massive documents all around the country and you might start to question AT&T's environmental conscience.

Of course, this isn't different from the policies of other smart-phone providers, and it is important to cialis daily note that AT&T offers a paperless online billing system for folks who sign up. But, this system needs change now.

Obviously all iPhone users have access to online billing. Maybe it's time that paperless becomes default, and you have to sign up for paper bills. Frankly, if there's a demographic that won't mind default online billing, it's iPhone users. Do it now AT&T, or expect more graphics like the one above.

Via Muhammad Saleem and Gizmodo

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Seems weird but...
written by orig_club_soda, August 15, 2007
People would complain if they didn't have detailed accounting of each charge. People just like to complain. Hopefully those who don't want a box of paper each month will be responsible and opt for electronic billing.
Detailed accounting
written by Hank, August 16, 2007
The point is that detailed accounting can be provided online, since ALL iPhone users have plenty of internet access. My only point isthat a fifty page document shouldn't be the default setting. Sure, if folks want it, give it to them, but the current system is broken.
written by jack, August 16, 2007
How about just giving the government all that transaction information instead, and whenever we want access to it we apply for it via the viagra sales online Freedom of Information Act?

Right On!
written by Danny Burleson, August 16, 2007
This is how much is cialis just another example of businesses trying to provide new technology via old methods. Catering to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the three iPhone users who opted out of Internet service, if that's even possible) is out of place in this case: With how high-tech the iPhone is, there's no reason to canadian female viagra assume its users may not be Internet savvy enough to read their online bill. They could even send statements as a monthly text message to really simplify things.

But a 50-page paper bill each month? The only one benefiting from THAT is the USPS.
written by Brian, August 16, 2007
I just signed up for their paperless billing. I had no idea that they were going to be sending me a list of every data transaction. That's something they ought to provide online rather than on paper IMHO.

Thanks for alerting me to this. At least now I know I'll not be getting a huge envelope from AT&T every month now. Just think of buy desmethyl tramadol how much ink has to be produced for those bills. How much fuel must be made for the planes, trains, and trucks. Ouch.
Save the Forests Change the Law
written by Uncle B, October 07, 2008
Use Hemp paper. Growing Hemp (not dope, silly!) in large amounts on semi-arable land will take the pressure off forests and provide more fiber for paper per acre per year than trees can. Hemp is also a source of edible oil, fiber for plastic car parts, bio-diesel, fiber for clothing and improves poor farmland due to link for you best price generic viagra it's deep roots! It grows wild and naturally in the U.S. and Canada, but was outlawed in the 1930s by unscrupulous government manipulation for cotton growers. Now-a-days, a simple lab test will determine if a farmer is growing dope instead of hemp, so the risk is no longer there, but the law stays on try it viagra for cheap the books out of ignorance and we pay high prices to import hemp from communist China! Are we assholes or what! We gotta change this, and soon, - The air we breathe is at stake! Keep publishing, keep it green, and for our children's sake, please consider Hemp!

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