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Dell Wants to Be "The Greenest Technology Company"

Dell just decided that they're the best and levitra generic cheap no one's gonna mess with them. So Apple can announce it's getting greener and HP might have more efficient PCs, but Dell is the leader, or will be, 'cause they say so.

Dell really has been doing some marvelous stuff in the look there canada cialis no prescription last year. They're allowing customers to offset the lifetime carbon of click now levitra tablets their PCs (and even themselves) and they have developed an excellent recycling strategy and efficient desktop and laptop designs.

But it's not enough, Dell is asking all it's users to take the environment section of Idea Storm by storm. Idea Storm is basically Dell's suggestion box, and while news there has mostly swirled around Linux since it's creation, the environment is likely a more important issue to Dell customers.

So go check out IdeaStorm's Environment section. I've just submitted an idea myself, asking Dell to cheapest viagra uk cheap create a Long Life Laptop, that will function well for five to ten years, instead of the average three.


Photosynth Makes Print Obsolete

Photosynth is an amazing photo and text software environment that will change the way you look at photos forever.

Blaise Aguera y Arcas presents a demo of Photosynth at the TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference. He shows how his new software links photos together spatially and hints at the value Photosynth adds to your photo collection. The demo  shows Photosynth creating amazing multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features just by scanning photos from Flickr. It creates a spatial map and fda approves viagra places all photos of an object (such as Notre Dame, Paris) into a collage that is womens viagra easy and intuitive to navigate.

While the spatial 3-D image collage is amazing, the information created when everyone’s photo tags are linked is even more amazing. Photosynth creates a dense information swarm around the objects it links together.

Photosynth is the brainchild of Blaise Aguera y Arcas, he also created Seadragon (acquired by Microsoft in 2006), the visualization technology that gives Photosynth its amazingly smooth digital rendering and zoom capabilities.

Seadragon and Photosynth create an interface that will make working with text and images on a screen preferable to working with paper. With the exception of reading at the beach, I can’t see any advantage for paper. 


Second Generation E-Ink. Faster, Brighter, Cheaper.

While the first round of $300 e-books were impressive (I enjoyed my Sony Librie until it's firmware went all nuts and I couldn't get support from Japan), there's a new bunch of e-readers on the horizon that might make life quite a bit more awesome for all of us.

Two of the main drawbacks of e-ink are being addressed with this second generation. First, the contrast ratio is better, closer to the contrast of a paperback book. And second, the refresh rate of the pages has been doubled. There's nothing like waiting for the page to appear after you've pushed the 'next' button. I found it surprisingly frustrating to look there cialis online 50mg wait a full second for a page to load.

A third drawback of usefull link cheepest cialis E-Ink is also being addressed, and this might be the most important of all: cost. The new displays that will be offered to e-book manufacturers have a simpler device interface, and come in a wider variety of sizes. So, we could see this extremely low-power paper replacement in a variety of inexpensive devices quite soon.

Via Engadget


E-Billing Company Plants Trees While Saving Them

Saving paper while planting trees seems like a green dream but CheckFree Corporation and Sovereign Bank are making it a reality. In order to encourage consumers to switch to paperless e-bills, Sovereign Bank is donating $1 toward the we like it lowest price levitra planting of one tree for each new e-bill that their customers sign up for. The two companies partnered for a "Go Paperless" campaign, in which this is the first step to educatepeople on the benefits of paperless bills.

Over 800,000 tons of waste and buying viagra in usa 2.1 million tons of greenhouse gases are created because of hard copy bills. But the benefits of e-billing go beyond savings in energy, trees and waste however. E-bills allow easier access to current and past bills. Also the bills are received instantly online and are more secure since they don't sit unattended in a mailbox.

Speaking on behalf of ordering tramadol to canada the National Arbor Day Foundation, recipients of the donations, Kevin Sanders stated, "Obviously, businesses and consumers won't ever stop needing paper, but technology is just try! viagra no rx helping make an impact to cialis online no presription reduce unnecessary paper usage and waste." Yay technology! Gotta love the win-win.

Full Press Release


Discless Vista


Some more encouraging news on the digitization front. Since it turns out that it's so much easier to move electrons (and photons) than atoms (wires vs trucks...wires always win) we're very excited whenever companies start offering formerly physical products in purely digital form. And that's what Microsoft is doing with Vista, it's fancy new operating system.

Both Vista and Office 2007 will be available in 'discless' form for download. It would make sense if downloading the software made it a bit cheaper, since they don't have to pay for shipping and handling, but, alas, Office and Vista will set you back the exact same amount if you walk to the store and buy it.

Via Engadget

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