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The Complete New Yorker on a Portable Hard Drive




If you ever wanted to get your hands on usefull link how much does viagra cost every single issue The New Yorker, but were afraid of killing trees, fear no more!  You can now purchase The Complete New Yorker, over 4000 issues, on a portable harddrive for $300.  This includes every cover, ever cartoon and follow link legal pharmacy online every advertisement since 1925.  Nothing is left out.  This is actually significantly cheaper than it would be in print and, I dare say, much more environmentally responsible.  Not to mention much more manageable. 

I am honestly not a huge fan of The New Yorker, but this move has broader implications for publishing and media in general.  What else might we see in similar formats.  They fit 4,000 issues of a magazine on an 80 gig harddrive, might we soon see every issue of whole newspapers?  And why stop at hard drives.  In another two years we could see a decade The New York Times on a flash drive. 
And why not bundle genres, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Scientific American on a something I can put in my pocket.  Now that's something I'd pay $300 for.
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More about Free Google Book Downloads

Quoting the introduction to the copy of Hamlet I just downloaded:

"This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online.

 "It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. ... Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that’s often difficult to discover. Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book’s long journey from the publisher to levitra by mail a library and finally to you."

google_natl_library It's really very simple, if you're looking at a public-domain book, a download button loads with the page and tells you how large the file is.  Just click it and buy branded viagra the PDF is downloaded.  For an example, check out Pride and Prejudice or Origin of Species, depending on your tastes.

Unfortunately, these are just scanned images, not text.  If you read any reports that these files would be instantly searcheable (as I did) those reports were false.  However, the books are instantly searcheable online, proving that Google does indeed have the ability to read and convert these documents into text.  Let's hope that's next on the agenda.
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Free Google Book Downloads Starting Today!

google_natl_libraryThe war on paper continues!  Yes, we can recycle it, yes we can make it from rocks, but why use it at all?  While high-res e-readers are promising to allow us to read digital text comfortably, content providers are revving up access to electronic books.

And, in this case, free books.  Sometime today, Google will begin providing full PDF downloads of public-domain books.  Though Google is currently only offering books with expired copyrights, the system does open the door to a pay-to-download service. 

We've been suspecting such an expansion for Google Book Search for a long time now, but we're excited to see this first step being made.  I'll update the post with a link once the service is up and running, so check back. 

Take Digital Notes on a Budget

aiptekmynoteApitek's MyNote digital clipboard is a simple and inexpensive device that lets you take notes without the need for all that pesky paper but without all of the frills and significant digits of a tablet PC. 

The device, and it's 32 megs of internal flash memory, can store 130 pages of notes and can upload to any Windows PC via USB.  It's battery powered, and not directly rechargeable, so you'll want to by five NiMH batteries along with it and it should go about 20 hours on a charge.  Try that with a tablet PC.   You can get one now in Germany for USD 130, no word on a US release.  
It'd be perfect for the back-to-school EcoGeek.  Save yourself all the piles of unorganized papers and just make a file for notes on your computer.  

Phillips New Rollable Display in Action

readiusSo far, all we've seen of the Readius is some static shots that, for all we knew, were CG.  But the video below finally shows the Readius in action. 

Cool things about the Readius:  Extremely high resolution, low-power, E-Ink display; has a display that is actually bigger than the device; wants to be the iPod for print. 

Not so cool things:  It won't be around 'till 2007, the display is black and cheap cialis without prescription white, the refresh rate of E-Ink is still a miserably slow 1-2 seconds.  Nevertheless, I want one. 

The Readius' five inch display is bigger than anything a device this size has ever seen, but it's smaller than Sony's Reader, a paperback-book-sized device that was supposed to go on sale at Borders book stores months ago, but has been repeatedly delayed by unknown factors.


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