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Former EPA Chief to Lead Apple's Environmental Policy

Apple has recently hired former EPA chief Lisa Jackson to be its new Vice President for Environmental Initiatives. While the company has had a strong environmental record, Apple has been criticized in recent years for some of its practices, including producing and briefly leaving EPEAT.

Greenpeace sees the good in Jackson's hiring, calling her, "a proven advocate with a track record of combating toxic waste and levitra without prescription the dirty energy that causes global warming..."

The question is cheap viagra eu pharmacy whether Jackson is coming on board to continue to push things forward in groundbreaking new ways, or whether her administrative background will have her instead leading an effort of well-spun greenwashing. Her political background might seem to canada generic cialis suggest the latter, although her career at EPA included steps to regulate greenhouse emissions. We hope her tenure at Apple is that of a true ecogeek, and that Apple continues to improve its environmental record.


SciShow: A History of Earth's Climate

Is variability in the Earth's climate something new or has the climate always been changing? And, is it something that we should be concerned about?

In this week's Sci Show, Hank goes through a history of Earth's climate and finds a variety of factors that have influenced climate over time.

"Temperatures are increasing faster than they ever have. In the past 100 years, temperatures have risen so dramatically that thay have cancelled out all of viagra online france the cooling that took place over the past 6,000 years."


Arctic Research Station Evacuated Due to Melting

A floating Russian research station on an ice floe in the Arctic is being evacuated far earlier than planned due to the breakup of the floe it is sitting on. A Russian icebreaker has been dispatched to pick up the buy levitra generic scientists and their equipment from the ice floe that has housed the North Pole-40 research base since last October.

The station is the latest in a series of floating research stations that the Russians have operated dating back to the late 1930s. It was intended to online prescriptions without prescriptions viagra remain occupied and in operation until September of this year, but the ice floe it is situated on has begun to break up. The floating research station is out of helicopter range, and the c o d tramadol floe is too unstable to enable an airstrip to be created.

Finding a suitable ice floe for these research stations is ordering tramadol online becoming increasingly difficult. The team for this mission spent considerable time trying to locate a suitable floe to set up on last autumn. The Russian government has budgeted 1.7 billion rubles (about US$ 54 million ) to create a "self-propelled, ice- strengthened floating platform to replace the natural ice floes for future research stations."

Hat tip: @HotTopicNZ


Green Roofs for Buses

Green roofs are a familiar concept among high-performance building designers and other EcoGeeks, but what about a mobile green roof moving through a city? A project called Bus Roots takes the idea of green roofs and installs it on a bus. The project is the graduate thesis of NYU student Marco Antonio Castro Cosio. A mobile science lab called Bio Bus is the host for this project.

The Bus Roots project uses an extensive green roof system similar to how to buy viagra in budapest that used for buildings and covers the 340 square feet (31.6 square meters) of bus roof with shallow trays of plants in growth media.

Bringing a mobile patch of plants through the city offers a list of potential benefits, including mitigation of heat island effect, CO2 absorbtion, oxygen production, and aesthetic value. For those of you in or around New York City and buy cialis soft are planning to attend the MakerFaire at the end of September, the Bio Bus is scheduled to appear at that event, and you may be able to see it in person.

via: GetDowntown


31-Foot Boat Traverses Northwest Passage

With the polar icecap shrinking so dramatically this year, the opportunity for ships to go through the Northwest passage between the Atlantic and Pacific has been so great this year that even a small sailboat has been able to make the how to buy levitra crossing.

The Belzebub 2 is a small boat, only 31 feet long. More notably, it is a sailboat with only a 30 HP diesel engine for added power when needed. But, with a crew of 3, this small boat successfully crossed through the McClure Strait earlier this week to become the first sailboat to accomplish this feat.

Although the unprecedented melting of buy canada in propecia the Arctic ice made the journey possible, this journey was also facilitated by satellite data and assistance from the Canadian Ice Service to locate an open lead of water through which the passage was able to be completed. Other adventurers have made this passage over the past few years, as late summer conditions have melted the ice, and we expect that this will be more frequently done in the coming years.

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