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OCT 16

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"That is an amazing graphic, and very well done indeed. I agree with h..."

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Energy Plant Digital Print: Just to Share

Some things just need to be shared. This 3-D image from Aleksandar Rodic is just...pleasant. I asked him why he created it, and he said:

My intention was to show the beauty of viagra no prescriptions clean energy and cheap cialis canada thereby oppose the argument of those who say that wind turbines are ruining the beauty of landscapes. Wind turbines are very elegant and beautifully products of human engineering which have positive impact on environment. Symbioses of nature and technology fitted perfectly in this story about clean energy.

Thanks, Aleksandar, for using a computer to create a digital image of a natural portrayal of a technological marvel. The image is available as a print from his website; also, a larger version is available for download (apparently for free.) The image won first prize at the AWEA conference in Pittsburgh.

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written by Project Light Bright, October 17, 2007
I also don't find wind farms to order cheapest viagra online be a blight. However, I don't live anywhere near one and I'm also not exactly up to date on how they affect avian populations. (Something to research.)

Does anyone else remember a project to build a Wind Farm in Wyoming that would be shaped like a Buffalo if seen from above or from space?

Also, why are there no (or few) discussions on green architecture where wind turbines are planned right into new urban buildings. Power generated will help power the building and overage will return back to the grid. Also incorporate solar power in the look there buy prescription viagra without form of panels, skylights and energy efficient heating/cooling systems. Chicago would power itself!
Fantastic Image!
written by, October 23, 2007
That is an amazing graphic, and very well done indeed. I agree with his sentiment that wind turbines are beautiful pieces of non generic viagra architecture. I understand the argument about the avian population, but I think it comes down to a balance of necessity. Some may also look at it from the perspective of, what does the greater damage?

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