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DEC 04

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"I find the original article to buy levitra online have a quite skewed perspective of the ..."

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Technologies (Plural) For the Environment

Technology for the buy viagra in united kingdom Environment is our tagline at EcoGeek, but what does that mean? There are a variety of technologies that we look at, but in terms of saving the world, in the long run, what scenarios are going to have the greatest impact?

Is it big tidal-powered electrical generation systems or is it LED lights in the house? Is it fewer jet aircraft and it's great! generic levitra for sale more airships? Which ones will be seen as the Betamaxes of green technology 20 years from now?

A short new essay by Jamais Cascio titled Green Tomorrows: The Scenarios examines the different approaches and formulations for a greener future. Different scenarios arise depending on "Who Makes the Rules?" and "How Do We Use the Technology?" and each of the four combinations is briefly examined.

We see the benefits in most of these approaches, though the "Power Green" scenario is potentially troubling. However, it is not necessary to look at choosing one of these scenarios over another. For that matter, it is most likely that aspects of each of these scenarios are likely to be a part of our future. Social pressures and political forces will help to determine how much of it comes from top-down direction, as opposed to more distributed, bottom-up solutions, but contributions will need to come from all directions.

We should not be looking at these as either/or scenarios, any more than we should be thinking that way about whether hydrogen or biofuel is going to be replacing gasoline in our automobiles. All of these approaches will need to be incorporated into a greener future, just as multiple systems need to be added to cheap us cialis our energy choices. There is no one right solution.

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Why wait?
written by Diana Moneymaker, December 05, 2007
Why are you waiting for intellects to create the things you want? Why not stop complaining and do something?

Contribute to companies that are creating the hydrogen products you want, why not save some money and make a vehicle of your run on biofuel?

Action, not words, gets results.

-Diana Moneymaker
written by PJD, December 05, 2007
I find the original article to have a quite skewed perspective of the world, and a perspective which I believe has some sobering implications with regard to the prospects of successfully addressing the challenges we face. Many scientists are coming to the conclusion that climate change is viagra super active canada occurring even more rapidly than had been predicted a short time ago, and that more coordinated, "proactionary" measures are needed. Yet this article seems to paint proactive scenarios in a very scary light, as well as perpetuating the stereotype of cialis 10 mg governments and corporations as entities to cialis price online cialis price be mistrusted.

If one accepts that we have a fairly urgent problem on our hands, it would seem obvious that we are going to have to work within the constraints of our current systems, including regulations, economic incentives and corporations. Not that individuals can't also contribute in meaningful ways, but a majority of the world's population is just struggling to get by with little time left in the day to learn about climate change, much less try to formulate solutions. Those of us with the luxury of both knowledge and cialis 25mg a political voice need to send our governments the mandate that they need to seriously get to work on a timely, meaningful and coordinated plan. The extent to which it is precautionary verse proactionary should be based on the assessment of what is necessary. An assessment being made by thousands of intelligent, highly educated people around world.

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