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DEC 07

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"Wow, that sounds really amazing! Too bad Mr.President is ready to veto..."

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House Passes EcoGeeky Energy Bill

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a fairly ecogeeky energy bill. Though the bill still has to get through the Senate and cialis levitra sales somehow dodge an already threatened veto from W, it's worth taking a look at why this bill matters and why (so far) it looks fantastic.

  1. $13 billion in tax breaks for oil and gas companies will be repealed
  2. Renewable energy projects (including wind, solar, hydro, landfill gas, biomass and waste-to-energy) will get $21 billion in funding
  3. The average fuel efficiency of American automobiles will be increased from 27 to 35 by 2020
  4. 36 billion gallons of buying cialis without prescription the fuel America consumes in 2022 will be required to be biofuel, and 21 billion gallons of that has to come from non-food sources
  5. Power utilities will be required to get 15% of their power from renewable sources

So there you have it. All at once we have significant legislation promoting wind and solar thermal, funding renewable energy, increasing vehicle efficiency and spurring research and interest in cellulosic ethanol.

It's very likely that the bill will be watered down in the Senate, and the soft cialis president has threatened to veto anything that requires a 35 mpg fleet efficiency. But this is a good starting point.

Every hit this bill takes will hurt our country, but maybe what comes through in the end will be enough to online medicine rx cialis viagra order put America back in a leadership position for the coming clean-tech. economy.

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but it didn't pass the senate
written by daniel bell, December 07, 2007
The senate voted 53-42 on the bill. Which means it didn't pass the 60 vote hurdle. But the senate may vote on a watered down version next week.
George Dubya
written by Zack, December 07, 2007
If this ever does make it to the prez, he will most likely make some half ass comment about how congress needs to be more careful about how we spend our nations money, then the next day request 100 billion in war funding. Oh wait he already did that with the canadian rx levitra childrens health care bill.
written by Rachel Miller, December 08, 2007
Wow, that sounds really amazing! Too bad Mr.President is ready to veto it the minute it comes into office. You'd think that the leader of our country would want to do something to HELP the country versus helping big companies like whoever produces the Hummer etc...

One of these days, the ecogeeks will triumph!!!

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