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JUN 22

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"I have a 2006 Honda Civic that at 80,000 miles died on the freeway. Fo..."

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Takeo Fukui: Honda's EcoGeek (and CEO)


Takeo Fukui, Honda's CEO, is getting ready to take on Toyota, and the world, with a line of green vehicles that will surprise the world starting in 2009. Their two-seat Insight was the tramadol 100 prices first ultra-high efficiency hybrid, and now they've converted their Civic to the buy xanax online technology as well.  As the price of gas rose, so did Honda's market share.   They're not looking to abandon the strategy.

In a monstrous article from Bloomberg, this strategy is laid out, all except for the parts that are kept top-secret by Honda.  

Their research budget is the biggest in the car industry, more than $3,000 per vehicle sold, but it's not all going towards their 2009 diesel engine that will be 30% more fuel efficient than today's engines.   They're researching robots, genetically engineering sugar cane for ethanol production, bio-plastics for airplane fuselages, and yes, fuel cells, hybrid technology and viagra generic now alternative hydrocarbons.  
Honda is certainly on the best site dose cialis the forefront of the green revolution.  So let's all take our hats of to Takeo Fukui who recently said, in an interview, "We'd like to cialis professional online have the brand image as the world's biggest contributor to the environment.''  So take some time to read a couple thousand words at Bloomberg.  And if you're gonna invest in a car company, how about the one that invests the most in itself. 
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Special Education teacher
written by Ellen, June 16, 2008
Dear Mr Takeo Fukui,
I have had many cars but my Honda Odyssey is my all time favorite. If you could please design a hybrid Odyssey, I would buy it and so would many others. (I am the 46 year old mother of four teens).
for those who want to ride
written by cathy,, June 17, 2008
all i wanted to say is that $ signs matter and so does fun.when marketing to the american public know matter how you stand on the enviroment the bottom line is how many times can we pass by the gas station with out stopping andmaking it be the cool car to buy canada viagra have for all those college kids that have to have the same thing as everyone else.just being honest.the only way to make money from it is to make it the ordering viagra car to have,not the car your parents want you to make it for those that want to drive not for those that want to wait at the pump life's to short.have fun without the guilt.
Real Environmental Improvements Without
written by Nigel Eric Rose, July 12, 2008
Nigel Eric Rose
Sea Tops Hotel, Arugam Bay,
Pothuvil Division of Ampara, Sri Lanka.
Ph 94 (0) 713039129 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Monday, July 07, 2008

Dear EcoGeek, you might like to forward this to Takeo Fukui for comment or repsonse. The clock is ticking on this one.

By way of interest, I thought I’d forward you the following. It is with regards a current dialogue with another Asian auto-manufacturer, that is now into it’s third week and the suggestion the Advanced Hydraulic Engine (AHE), the subject of this ongoing dialogue, should be developed and introduced in automotive applications as firstly an AHE diesel, then as AHE hydrogen fueled vehicles, for the California market.

Most of what follows, is simply either a part of the current dialogue “xxxx” or slightly modified from same.

“First, to recap: Given Honda’s latest fuel cell powered offering, the “FCX Clarity”, is acknowledged, in the media, to have a power plant with a price tag of US$1mil. What do you think the advent of the hydrogen fueled AHE does to the future of fuel cell technology, let alone hybrids?

Think about this for a market, Honda said it received 50,000 applications (URL follows -, for the FCX Clarity release. Now, what sort of a market do you think exists in California for a hydrogen fueled vehicle, that costs less to manufacture than a contemporary fueled vehicle of today and provides better fuel consumption than Honda’s best fuel cell vehicle? The other thing to keep in mind is, the AHE engines are scalable; nobody is seriously proposing a fuel cell Class 7 or Class 8 heavy vehicle.

Lets look at this a bit closer, the Hondas are only available on lease, for a period of 3 years, at US$600 per month (600 x 12 x 3 = US$21,600) and at the end of the 3 years, the cars go back to Honda.

Effectively, what this means is, in California alone, there is an existing market for 50,000 hydrogen fueled cars, at a purchase price of US$21,600 (50,000 x 21,600 = US$1,080,000,000 or US$1.8 Billion)

There is also a PR advantage that comes out of all this as well, “Xxxxxxx” brings to the market, within one year, cost effective, practical vehicles, and the most substantial measure to reduce automotive exhaust emissions, ever, the AHE diesel technology, and very shortly after, introduces equally practical and even more cost effective, hydrogen fueled versions. Achieving something European and Japanese auto-manufacturers, even with great expenditure, have not been able to do: “Xxxxxxx, working for the common good”.

Something not mentioned in the above, the introduction of AHE powered vehicles, similarly, dramatically effects the impact and value of bio-fuels in the existing market. A better than 300% improvement in fuel economy, equates to the ability for existing bio-fuel production to increase it’s percentage of market share by 300% without any actual increase in production levels. Greatly reducing projections of land area required for meaningful bio-fuel production and off-setting the otherwise adverse impact upon food plant production.

In combination, this will notably reduce the demand upon crude oil suppliers, predictions are: this reduction will be well in excess of 25% of current global demand and this, even without considering a shift to the AHE hydrogen fueled variant, will so significantly influence competition for crude sales, it will bring about a collapse of the crude market and the competition, associated with attempts of suppliers to maintain market share, will force the per barrel rate for crude well below 2005 prices.

Given calculations predict the AHE technology path, will result in simple easily manufactured and cost effective, reciprocating internal combustion engines, the expectation is that the simplest form of these vehicles could be in commercial production in well under a year and even in this basic form, these vehicles will achieve the projected 300% improvement in fuel consumption figures.

Given the above, and Honda’s already substantial expenditure on fuel cell technology, I thought it might appreciate an opportunity to consider the AHE option, with a view to Honda reducing it’s exposure to risk from an alternative manufacturer introducing this technology and locking Honda out of the lucrative American market, for which I continue to hold the patents covering this work.

Reference American Patent Numbers: 5,287,829 / 5,529,030 / 5,803,028 / 5,992,359

Incidentally, all HEUI diesel injectors are based on the original patents that introduced the new forms of hydraulic actuators, in the patents I authored.

Nigel Eric Rose
Make it a Public Demand
written by Nigel Eric Rose, July 12, 2008
Why wait for organizatins like the G8 to come to agreement on such issues as Global Warming, Elevated Crude Oil Prices, etc. Why not just throw it all open to the public, If the public demands it, power plants like the AHE could be in your vehicles in a very few months and if anybody produces these AHE powered vehicles, the world changes, without a need for consensus, accord, legislation or international treaty. Who could continue to produce and market any vehicle that could not match the same 300% improvement in fuel economy and expect to maintain market share?
This technology path has been available for about twenty years and nobody wnated it previously, because it simply scared the hell out of them. Who wants to go to the Chief Engineer of their company and say, boss, this bloke walked in the door and showed me how to throw away 80% of what we produce in a vehicle and then be asked by that boss, we're paying you all ths money, why didn't you think of this. Go look at the HEUI injectors of Caterpilar and Ford, and then look up my American Patents, then consider the injector has taken about 15 years to get into production and it is the least important component of this technolgy suite. You want cheap fuel and environmantal improvements with no down side, if the public gets behind this, thats exactly what they can have.
Honda Shity Service
written by Ramon Sañudo Diez, October 21, 2008
Over the last months the level of service at Honda has decline heavily, maybe Honda needs a crisis to value its custumers.
written by John, February 10, 2009

My Honda Civic hybrid recently passed 105,000 miles, and suddenly my battery went out (car 5 yr. old, moderate driving on level roads). My cost, $3,000; help from Honda, $0. Battery seems designed for 100,000 miles (just like an old Chevy!). My chances of buying a Honda again, 0%.
written by Russell, May 19, 2009
I have a 2006 Honda Civic that at 80,000 miles died on the freeway. For no apearent reason, the engine block cracked. I contacted american Honda Customer services.
My Vin 2HGFA16566H521584
CAlled Customer Relations 800-999-1009 and found out about TSB 08-044
They gave me Case# N012009-05-1301355
On 5/14 2:14, I talked to Walter Menjivar.
He was very rude and basically said 'we won't do anything'
Called back on cs number and asked for another nubmer to call. She gave me the Exec number 310-783-2000
Called that number and left msg at 2:38
Did not get any calls today so I called.

On 5/15 4:45, I talked to Mike Thenner, Sr VP of Products
Told him about my experience (lack of support) from Honda except for Tracy did an good job.
He did not promiss anything.

Will have regional service mgr look at it.
5/18 1:30, Charles Villnorava called me and left a number ot call.
800-999-1009 x 117759

I called him back, He gave me the song and dance routine that it has 80,000 miles and they do nto feel that Honda did anything wrong by not fixing the engine problem easrlier or telling custoemrs about it.
Basically, Honda is not doing anything.
Good Public Relations.

MR. Fukuic, Can you answer this for me, Why does honda put defective engines in the cars, See the following complaints from other honda owners. I am not alone.
See under honda civics

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