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DEC 19

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Geek is becoming a badge of honor, rather than an epithet (but you knew that already, didn't you). Popular Mechanics magazine has created a Geek the Vote site dedicated to examining some of the science and viagra technology positions of 11 of the current crop of presidential candidates from both parties. While the site isn't set up for side-by-side comparisons between candidates, it does make it possible to go through and see a condensation of viagra next day several candidates positions on issues such as Automobiles, Digital Technology, the Environment, Science Education, Space Exploration, and more.

You can navigate the table either by issue or by candidate. Popular Mechanics doesn't offer any analysis or endorsement of any of these candidates or issue positions, but it provides some information about several candidates and their positions on important topics.

On a more activist note, PM also has an editorial op-ed piece about Corn Biofuel Hype that does take a political position about the low cost viagra recently passed energy bill and the misguided emphasis it places on corn ethanol.

"It’s great that our politicians have discovered the need for new energy technologies. But it appears that Washington is where can i buy cialis determined to put its money—our money—on the wrong horse. Right now, researchers are studying a host of energy solutions, including hydrogen, high-mileage diesel, plug-in hybrids, radical reductions in vehicle weight and cellulosic ethanol (made from cornstalks, switchgrass or other nonfood crops). It is far too soon to buying levitra online say which of these holds the most promise. But, instead of promoting experimentation and competition to find the best solutions, politicians seem ready to declare ethanol the winner. As a result, our nation could wind up with the worst of both worlds: an “alternative” energy that is enormously expensive yet barely saves a gallon of generic viagra overnight oil."
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written by Matt, December 19, 2007
I would define my political party as Anti-Republican more than anything. Over the last 4 years, I have volunteered for 3 Democratic campaigns (state house, US House, and US Senate). I have donated money to Democratic campaigns as well. However, I must honestly say that at this point, I am not voting, period. I feel betrayed by the Democrats in Congress and it makes me feel awful to have to choose the "lesser of two evils". It's like being asked to choose your own execution method, both are going to end up bad.
nice post but...
written by Gman, December 20, 2007
Personally I find that the non-hard-sciences stuff that geeks seem to coalesce around to be interesting. One would imagine that yes, we're all for a large research and top site for buying tramadol education budget, but then there's a strong strain of libertarianism that I perceive as being strongly geek; so those loud people might be against such projects.

That also a shame they didn't include Dodd in the chart. Sure he's a long shot, but he's got some good things to say.
popular mechanics?
written by nicesocks, December 21, 2007
i gave up on caring about "popular mechanics" when they told me that steel bars can melt in a fire created by jet fuel.

but that's another issue. i too could care less about republicans or democrats for the same sort of reasons as matt above. and i think voter apathy is at an all time low when our current president some how got re-elected by a nation that didn't want him a second time. if you didn't see what actually happened, know this: your vote doesn't count.
Lesser of two evils? Uh No Thanks - RON
written by gunjin22, December 23, 2007
Lesser of two evils? Who knows how to spend your money better then you? Not me, Not Washington D.C., Vote Ron Paul in the Primaries and get to keep your money and spend it how you want.
Veteran/Democrat for RON PAUL!!
written by igakook, December 30, 2007
Thank you! I am so very tired of hearing about how great ethanol is! Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I read somthing back maybe ten years ago that was talking about how California had made have certain levels of ethanol in gasoline mandatory, only to viagra legal find out that that is was just as poluting if not worse that regular gasoline.

As for who I am voting for, Ron Paul of cheap tramadol cod course. He seems to me to be the real viagra online without prescription only canidate that actually has integrity. Also, a very important note, if both Republicans, and Democrats dislike him, it probaly means that he is doing something right. I believe that he is our last chance to have a person who will do the right thing.
Corn-to-Ethanol: Burning Food
written by Charles E. Carlson, January 07, 2008

Eight years of Biofuels (ethanol) policy and legislation has cemented in place the first world wide food cabal, which promises a humanitarian disaster, a famine more serious than those caused by any tsunami, earthquake or drought. This crisis is not in the dim future, it is here.

Congress has, in a series of acts passed in this millennium, handed the perfect monopoly to what appears to be few giant agribusiness companies that already have enormous economic power, but which may be a much broader cabal.

Engineering a food monopoly

Political leaders of both parties have appropriated billions of dollars to subsidize major agribusiness corporations to destroy food; the latest appropriation was $14 billion. They call the process “bio-fuel” or ethanol production, but because the amount of fuel produced is less than the amount of fuel it takes to produce it.

Corn is buy propecia without a prescription the viagra samples in canada most abundant readily storable and amazingly cheap basic foodstuff, and it is being wasted in an age when millions of grain eaters face starvation for lack of vegetable calories. Darfur is only one of wow look it free viagra many well-publicized examples in central and southern Africa where corn (maize) is a staple but will not grow because of a water shortage. Darfur needs imported grain, not occupation…food and water will solve its problem armies can't. But when the price of commodities go up the quantity of gifts to the poor go down simply because we all define what we give in dollars, not pounds of food, and our dollars buy less food.

The Renewable Fuel Association, a trade organization of big agribusinesses, lists 129 existing plants with 76 more under construction, and projects the total production capacity to a staggering 13,429 billion gallons of ethanol every year. All but a few small, experimental ones burn corn. (2)

History shows an explosion of buy ultram online cheap production in recent years:

2001 1,770 (billions of gallons)

2002 2,130

2003 2,800

2004 3,400

2005 3,904

2007 13,429 Projected capacity

This is a moral issue. The 80% of Americans that are professing Christians have a responsibility before our God not to allow corporate and political criminal elements among us to cast a pall of planned starvation over the planet. Leaders in Christian churches, who have become quite political of late, now must help fix the problem of starvation that they failed to prevent by giving carte blanche support to real cialis those most politically responsible. (Did Ron Paul voted against ethanol subsidies?)

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