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"He should send his videos down under. Next year sustainability will be..."

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School Teacher Spreads the Global Warming Word

What can one EcoGeek do to canadian viagra safety save the world? Well, we can look at Al Gore and wow it's great how much is levitra be like..."Yeah, he did a pretty good job...but he's a rich ex-almost-president."

But then you get some guy in Oregon to make a fairly logical argument on YouTube and, voila.  Four million video views later he's changed the world. Man I love geeks, geeks are so good for the world.

And this guy is DEFINITELY a geek. A fantastic geek.

His first video, the one that's been watched over 4 million times, gives a concise explanation of the precautionary principle. But then, in later videos he fills in the online pharmacies gaps in his argument, in my opinion very completely. He also has an adorable "devil's advocate" version of himself who he argues with.

It's amazingly well done...but I still wouldn't expect it to be so popular. But he's capitalized on his fame, and has now created a 44 part video series on global warming! I'd like to talk to Mr. Craven but, as of now, he's too busy getting covered by the likes of ABC.

So next time you think one person can't do anything, remember it all starts with education, and education starts with teachers. And this guy is just one of cheap cialis the millions of teachers who work to make the world a better place every day.

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written by Greg Immel, January 12, 2008
The Earth is @4.2 Billion years old. How many times has the climate changed DRASTICALLY in that time? My guess is a lot. I believe in being cautious, but not ignorant. The only people that will beneffit from all this GLOBAL WARMING scare is big business! Look at how many companies that have already sprung up over the past year or two. The bottom line is MONEY. The earth will be here long after we are gone believe me. Terrorism, Islamic extremeists, for that matter religeon all together poses a bigger threat to the best place cialis philippines humanity than global warming. But I guess me and all the soldiers fighting and giving their lives are the only ones concerned about those things anymore.I fear mankind itself more than the only for you order usa viagra online weather. I'm going to live life while I can, I suggest everyone else should do the same. Stand up against the real evils of the world (Religeon for one) and leave the weather to history. Things are going to change no matter what we do. It's been doing it for 4.2 Billion years. Argue that!
written by Greg Immel, January 12, 2008
Hey and as far as buying Insurance goes, I buy it because I HAVE TO, not because I'm scared of having an accident. You can't get or renew a drivers license without it. Get caught speeding without it and see what happens! Just wanted to throw that in.
a little light on the logic....
written by Jimster, January 12, 2008
Great presentation, amazing acutually, seems you may have a life in show biz.

But any serious risk evaluation requires some consideration for opportunity costs.

Fore-going the concerns about the known effects of toxins in light of possibilities of anthormorphic climate destablization
(ACD)seems to play into the only today cialis discounts hands of cialis for erectile dysfunction big business. No wonder they love. It is now politically 'acceptable' to increase your toxic foot-print if you decrease your carbon foot print. Its like the enviromental movement has gone in reverse. Yes, awarness and action on levitra cialis ACD are good things, but not at the expence of increasing our toxicity. Only if that is the primary goal will the current "green movement" suceed. Recent ACD campaigns have allowed people to feel good about poluting as long as they are reducing thier green house emissions.(Eg. by a new hybrid before your old car is legal viagra used up, promoting more consumption.)

The perverbial 100 year hockey stick activation complex is of little concern compared to the step function of a toxic andor endocrine compromization of the food chain.(Eg. GMO)

As long as it is cool to replace you 10 year old car with a hybrid, instead of efficently running and keeping the car you have, we are doomed.

National Curriculum in Australia
written by Kylee Ingram, November 05, 2013
He should send his videos down under. Next year sustainability will be one of the three core curriculum subjects as part of the new education plan.

We can all designing material that will fit the curriculum

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