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JAN 30

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"At we are looking to cialis discount prices save 100 tonnes of CO2 in 100 d..."

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The Wall Street Journal's New Enviro-Blog



We at EcoGeek are happy to announce that the folks at the Wall Street Journal have joined the environmental blogosphere with the eco-business blog "Environmental Capital." Previously, the WSJ had a similar blog covering only energy issues, which I was a pretty big fan of, but now they're relaunching, bigger and good choice order generic viagra better.

EcoGeek and the WSJ have had, and will continue to have, our differences (for example, I'm not so sure about the "huge disagreement [as everyone knows] in the global warming debate" that they mention.) Actually, I think that's complete B.S. It's been about five years, in my opinion, since there was any "debate" at all. What we have now is pandering to people who only care about next quarter's numbers.

We're happy, at EcoGeek, to have moved on from any "debate" and toward solutions, which, in the end, are (quite literally) inifinitely more productive than debate.

But in any case, I welcome Environmental Capital to this space. Not as another member of the debate, but as a resource offering different kinds of solutions to a different, and very important, demographic.


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Wall Street
written by Enrique, January 30, 2008
Wall Street is only interested in the next quater. They love oil companies and coal plants because they are making billions of dollars in profit.
It might be decent
written by Matt, January 30, 2008
I was reading their post about carbon tariffs and there's some good stuff to cialis no doctor think about in there, especially if you tend to be anti-corporation like a lot of people on the green side of we recommend cialis without prescription online the fence, myself included.
WSJ Gets the 'Real Story' Behind the Env
written by Tim, January 31, 2008
My concern, much like Hank's, is that this initial video is problematic in itself. Particularly, when Jeff Ball explained why they chose the name 'Environmental Capital.'
"Because...those two sides of the coin are inextricably tied. This is all about the environment but this is viagra prices fundamentally a business story."

This assumption that there are only two sides to the environmental 'story' precludes the existence of other stories (race, poverty, religion, social equity...). There are manysides to this story, not just money and the environment.
written by johnny, January 31, 2008
thats pretty spineless to say that there is still a debate. its a bad sign when any organization still has to worry about losing supporters by confirming global warming's existence. >:(
Are you talking about anthropogenic glob
written by George Vaccaro, January 31, 2008
Because the debate is still lively on buying levitra that one.

Denying that there are many scientists that disagree with Al Gore's "consensus" view is - being in denial.

There should and will be for the foreseeable future a healthy debate about it, that is the scientific way - always shouting "consensus" is very unscientific at best, propagandist at worst.
banks killing trees
written by lisa, June 13, 2008
i just wrote my bank a letter due to the nieve ecological buisness practices. The following is a great start to free sample prescription for viagra an eco-friendly article. My banks sends out more paper notices than any one could believe. it is unreal considering everyone this day in age has email and online banking. the following is what i wrote to my bank:

i usually only use my credit line about once a month. now that the credit line has changed from $100 incriments to any amount i have been getting an excess amount of mail. they seem to send me a notice every single time i use my credit line, even if it is just $2. I think this is a horrible burden to the enviroment. this is way beyond NOT being eco-friendly. Associated bank is killing tons of trees sending out this many notices. I think the idea of deducting a smaller amount is fine, but perhaps sending mail out just once a week per customer or sending out a notice when the customer hits a certain dollar amount on the credit line.
I used $6.35 on my credit line and during this time i got 3 notices. The stamp cost alone is almost 1/3 of my deduction. And the amount of paper used is about one tree ring. I cannot believe my bank would be so nieve about the enviroment, especially this day in age where the eco and Green Movement is booming. If this does not get changed i believe you will be loosing customers that are very eco-friendly. I believe one person can make a difference and i will be fighting for OUR enviroment every day of my life! Please save trees, save stamps, and save the future!
Now you can hold the Earth in your hands
written by Mel, March 19, 2009
Those good folks at Earth Hour have a new addition to their website this year. Its an app that lets you see yourself on video holding a mini 3D earth in your hand. Totally amazing. It's sooooo realistic. You can even make it point to yourself on the planet. I don't know how they did it.
100 tonnes of CO2 saved in 100 days
written by Chris Minehan, April 03, 2009
At we are looking to save 100 tonnes of CO2 in 100 days. How are we doing this? We are asking our subscribers to commit to a small action to lower their carbon emissions.

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