Priligy online now, save money Green Guide to Super Tuesday

You may not yet have noticed this, but EcoGeek has some new brethren. is a new blog under the EcoGeek umbrella that will (finally) be bringing the blogosphere informed and levitra in uk interesting environmental analysis of U.S. and International politics.

Of course, right now, it's hard not to focus on the U.S. primaries (though there have already been stories ranging from funding cuts for sequestration to endangered species legislation.) But the primaries are what this little story is buying cialis online about.

Above is a listing of five people. One of them, in a very short period of time, will be the generic viagra 100mg president of the United States of America. So it's time we started thinking about their environmental pros and cons. So far, the choice is pretty clean cut for Republicans, McCain being the only one who seems to viagra tablets recognize that there, in fact, is an environment.

But for us Dems the choice is a little less clear. We hope this guide is helpful for those of us who'll be rushing the polls in the biggest Super Tuesday in American history. It will be a historic day, let's hope the environment is at least somewhere in public's mind.

If you want to add this graphic to your blog or website, simply copy the levitra australia no prescription following HTML into your source code:

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Hank Green, political pundit = FAIL
written by Kabuki, February 04, 2008
Come on Hank... You have to know that the ONLY power source currently capable of eclipsing coal and natural gas usage for electricity is Fission. And if the only candidate talking about it is Romney, then maybe you need to dig deeper.
What is cialis free delivery a GHG?
written by huh?, February 04, 2008
Romney says that GHG's are probably bad for the environment. what is a GHG? forgive my ignorance
environmental politics
written by czf, February 04, 2008
the environmental politics blog has been there all along. forgive my shameless self-promotion. i don't have the money for real domain space.
written by Jessica, February 04, 2008
GHG = greenhouse gases
Environment vs. Socialism
written by H, February 04, 2008
The environment is a great mantle for political candidates to lean on, however I wouldn't just vote for one over another because they have a good talk. Two reasons why:

1. Free markets bring out innovations, not governmental intervention. To elect a socialist whom will penalize businesses in the US and will tax and redistrabute the money to buy 5mg cialis create a bigger governmental state will not help the environmental cause. Informing the general public and letting them flex their voting and financial muscle will create an environment for environmental change. BTW- Being without money will limit your ability to choose environmentally responsibly too. If businesses are penalized(further taxed), they'll move out of this country. If their coffers are raided by the federal govt., their stocks will fall (as will all of your investments that rely on their solvency). It's not a simple, nor quick solution topic.

2. Understanding that we need to get away from foreign power/fuel providers it is important to keep this country stable and safe from foreign pressure. That is, we need to make sure that we can keep ourselves going if the world gets into another major, continental war and buy cialis online cialis embargos. To do this we SHOULD build new(ultra efficient) refineries in the US, we should develop new oil and gas operations, etc. Estimates state that if ANWAR were developed, it would take 10 years to construct prior to pumping. What do we do if the mideast collapses and oil jumps to $300/barrel? We can't get enough oil to sustain our economy. No economy, no chance at environmental protection or new technologies. We need to balance the reduction of generic viagra overnight need with additional national production to get independant.

Vote for a candidate that will promote personal independance and freedom of choice, not one that say's that the environment is important to them. What does that mean anyway? We've all heard politicians say that they'll cut emissions by half, etc. etc. before, but when it comes down to how and getting something actually done, BOTH parties have failed miserably. Let's vote in politicians whom aren't mostly interested in being re-elected, but to get things done that are important to their constituants.
Where's Ron Paul
written by Anon, February 04, 2008
You left out Ron Paul -- bad form.
What is up with the media?
written by Anon, February 04, 2008
Why are you leaving out Ron Paul? >:(

He is a candidate and I am voting for him tomorrow.
Ron Paul
written by Hank, February 04, 2008
Sorry for leaving out ron paul...for space's sake we decided to only include candidates who have, thus far, won a primary.
written by Hank, February 04, 2008
We at EcoGeek remain ambivalent about nuclear power. I was a proponent for a long time, but I am currently less so. What bothers us about Romney isn't so much his ideas about nuclear power, it's his ignorance on climate change, and that his "solutions" involve increasing domestic oil production...something that will only make matters worse.
written by Bill, February 04, 2008
Why the knock on creationists? Way to alienate part of your readers. It wasn't even relevant, pretty lame Hank.
written by andy flessa, February 05, 2008
Where is he? He is still a valid candidate and easily the best for the enviornment.
written by doc, February 05, 2008
voting for Ron Paul in the primary's
McCain Fails the Geek Test
written by Gordon Niessen, February 05, 2008
John McCain said he doesn't have a computer and relies on his wife for doing email. How is he a great leader for todays age?
mixed in a bit a politics...
written by czf, February 05, 2008
see what happens when you bring in a little politics into a non-politics blog?
offended Gravel followers. offended Ron Paul followers. offended nuclear power supporters. even Creationists are getting offended (even if that part was written by those at EnviroWonk.
dangerous games.
written by czf, February 05, 2008
oh, that was you. i guess i should look into the generic viagra india authors, before i claim who isn't the author.
McCain bill
written by albert, February 05, 2008
Isn't it McCain-Warner that is his current climate bill? I thought McCain-Lieberman was the previous incarnation.

written by asdf, March 25, 2009
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