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MAR 21

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"Thanks Dave for the green political resource. Take a load off to all t..."

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Wonked Out Friday

Between St. Patrick's Day and we deliver to canada viagra the first rounds of March Madness, today marks the cialis generic levitra viagra end of what must be the least productive workweek of buy cheap online viagra the year, and that includes weeks with official holidays. What we're saying is, why not waste a few more minutes and check out EnviroWonk, the new green-politics blog under the constantly-expanding EcoGeek umbrella.

It's been a busy week:

So you no longer have an excuse not to bookmark EnviroWonk ... stop on by for a daily dose of political snark and informed analysis.

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Our Friday is Just Starting
written by Earth & Economy, March 21, 2008
Thanks Dave for the green political resource. Take a load off to all those who put in a hard week, for as Robert Frost put it "there are miles to go before [we] sleep." (especially on the issue of keeping it green)

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