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MAR 26

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"Dune is so complex; a third perspective is completely welcome in my ey..."

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Dune Movie Explores "Theme of Finite Ecological Resources"

Frank Herbert was definitely an EcoGeek. He understood humanity's ability to click here viagra professional no prescription live and viagra online stores even thrive in partnership with their environment. The only way to survive severe resource shortages is through powerful vision and powerful technology.

With our own resources shortages on the price cialis way, including desertification and water shortages, Herbert's vision is more important than ever. Paramount has just announced that they will be making a film version of Dune (the third attempt, by our count) and that "the filmmakers consider [Dune's] theme of finite ecological resources particularly timely."

We're really glad they put that in there, because it gives us an excuse to write about it. But I'm a believer in science fiction's ability to shape the real future of our world. So now all us EcoGeeks have an excuse to go see this movie when it comes out in 2010.

Via TreeHugger

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3rd times the charm
written by Sam, March 27, 2008
This is buy tramadol without prescription great news, I'm glad Dune is getting another shot, the Sci Fi Channel miniseries stayed pretty faithful but just didn't have the budget for such an epic series. The themes of Dune are pretty timeless, but seem especially relevant today considering current ecological issues and even the war. Thanks for making my day!
welcome addition
written by Jess, March 28, 2008
Dune is so complex; a third perspective is completely welcome in my eyes. The first movie is classic in its weirdness, and the Sci-Fi miniseries' (Dune and Children of) are great in my opinion. I'd love to see how someone else tries to bring it to the screen.

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