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APR 03

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"more than happy to contribute some anonymous info for the general good..."

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We'd Like to Know A Bit About You

What is an EcoGeek...really? What kind of person are you, who gets excited about the future of best places to buy viagra green technology and just try! cialis 10mg saving the world with the levitra pfizer 50 mg power of our brains?

I've been curious and, I'll be honest, so have folks who are looking to levitra tadalafil advertise on our site. Since this is a business (dot org not withstanding) I figure I should be able to give them some stats. I'm also really curious what you folks out there think of EcoGeek, and whether you'd like us to change anything or add any particular features.

So I've created this little survey. Anything that could link the data to individuals is completely scrubbed. No IP addresses are logged, and no contact information is involved. So if you want to let us know what kind of person you are, so we can satisfy our curiosity, that'd be fantastic. And I'm really looking forward to hearing any suggestions you might have for EcoGeek.


Hank Green - founder and chief editor.

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anyone else get this?
written by Preston, April 04, 2008
This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.
written by julia, April 04, 2008
yep. me too. he might still be working on it?
Me too
written by VanGoghFer, April 04, 2008
Still not working for me.
written by donna gilligan, April 04, 2008 guys display it well through your body, spirt, and soul keep on levitra medication rocking out! pce donna g
written by disdaniel, April 04, 2008
Survey still closed...maybe this is an intelligence test.
written by Hank, April 04, 2008
I blocked me after a certain number of responses...I've fixed it, and you can resume responding! Thanks for the awesome turnout!
written by Rob, April 04, 2008
> so we can satisfy our curiosity <

You mean so you can provide demographic information to your advertising network, right?
too young?
written by Tobias, April 04, 2008
Why on earth isn't there an option for people younger than 17? I expected more from you Hank....
what... no coal?
written by Roy, April 04, 2008
more than happy to contribute some anonymous info for the general good. Not that the coal rebuttal wasn't the most amusing thing I had seen that week...

But I like your style.. "we need user info to target good advertisers..." "ok... how about we just ask for it!" Simple genius.

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