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Bill Joy: Green Tech Will Spawn the Next Google

billjoyBill Joy, one of the founders of Silicon Valley giant Sun Microsysetms, was recently asked if there were going to be any more Googles.

His answer, "yes," and they will come from green technology.  Oh man!  That's just about the most exciting thing we've heard since we started this magazine!  Bill Joy, someone who has proven himself to have the ability to viagra in uk see when something new and the best site cheap viagra order online amazing is on the horizon thinks that green technology will give birth to the levitra buylevitra onlin next Google.  

Anyhow, Joy continues:
"John [Doerr] used to say Google is the greatest legal creation of wealth, and I think the greatest legal creation of wealth today is in the green area -- not just in the U.S. but in the developed world. We have been looking at a lot of things related to new fuels, such as ethanol, fuel cells, advanced battery technology, and new ways of using biotech to make fuels.... There will be an enormous amount of new [green] technology, new wealth, and we are trying to create the Googles, the Microsoft's of the new era."

Oh yeah!  You create those Google's of the next era!  As soon as I get a few million dollars I am SO joining your Venture Capital Firm. 

Via Business Week, Spotted at The Sustainable Future

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