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MAY 28

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"I drive a 94 Trans Am with a 5.7 liter V8. Fuck you guys..."

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EcoGeeks Get All the Girls

Just in case you needed another reason to care about the environment...turns out girls dig guys who dig environmental technology. According to a study done by GM (of all people) as part of this year's Challenge X competition:

  1. Close to nine in 10 women (88 percent) say they’d rather chat up someone with the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car.
  2. Eighty percent of American car buyers would find someone with the latest model fuel-efficient car more interesting to talk to best prices on viagra at a party than someone with the latest model sports car.
  3. More than four out of 10 (45 percent) 18-43 year-olds say it’s a fashion faux-pas nowadays to have a car that is not green or environmentally friendly.

Little did we know...we've been fashionable all along! OK, maybe not me...I'm still tooling around in my old Sentra. No one seems to have told 80% of America that it's greener to keep driving your current car than to invest in a new one.

Nonetheless, it's good news. And when I buy my first new car (never) I'll be sure to let everyone know how green it is.

GM's Challenge X is a yearly competition between college students to make GM vehicles more efficient. Students from 17 universities are "re-engineering" Chevy Equinox's to make them more efficient and recommended site best place cialis reduce their greenhouse impact while retaining consumer appeal. Solutions the students are putting together include alternative propulsion systems like fuel cells and hybrids, and alternative fuels like biodiesel and ethanol.

This year's winners, from Mississippi State, increased the levitra online pharmacy no prescription fuel economy of the Equinox by almost 40% with a hybrid-electric bio-diesel engine.

Via Press Release

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written by gerda, May 28, 2008
err hello?
female geek here, grown woman, not 'girl' with fake tan and implants......
yes you will get the 'girls' much better with a useful motor rather than an obvious dick-substitute, we are not all totally shallow shopping obsessed airheads....
Cheaper to keep 'er
written by Bert McDert, May 28, 2008
The cheapest and most resource-efficient way to broadcast your green cred to potential mates may well be with a few choice bumper stickers. My decade-old Buick Park Avenue is by no means a sipper, but keeping it out of the landfill and another newer car off the road is in point of fact preferable. I recommend the Sierra Club's "I Will Evolve" sticker for purposes of demonstrating one's commitment to fuel efficiency despite the car one may be stuck in for the time being. And the previous commenter makes a good point: where's the corresponding poll about how thoughtful dudes prefer real women with heads on their shoulders to the typical car bimbo?
written by jake, May 28, 2008
Yeah, this is kinda a sexist article. Ecogeeks are not just dudes, ya know?

That said, I'm all for sexing up the ecogeekery...because all those ***kheads out there driving idiot-mobile carbon-spewing ego-machines out there to pick up chicks and show off to their man-friends is a real problem. We need to masculinize ecological sound solutions to drag them into the *right* herd. You can't win everybody over to right thinking by sound arguments.
written by wowdude, May 28, 2008

but that blonde is super hot. By the way, she has a PhD in mathematics from Univ. Chicago, and a bachelors in linguistics and order viagra no prescription computer science from UC San Diego. she used to be my girlfriend. Met her while doing archeology in Turkey. She drove around a big monster truck in SD, where I lived with her and her raven-haired cousin. Her favorite food is deep dish pizza with extra onions and tomatoes. Loves Indian beer. Has a British accent, but she's half Czech, half Swedish (Gotland), and one-quarter Ukranian. She has two patents (though I helped her with a part of one of them) for improvements to potato chip processing. She once strangled a crocodile while in free-fall (its a long story). Her favorite musical group is Vavamuffin. And she kicks in her sleep.

nah. just kidding. except for the hot part. For further information, see
written by Karsten, May 28, 2008
That last post was pretty funny!

Petch That!
written by Puxx, May 28, 2008
Whores are whores!!! THey'll respond to any loud, flashy stimulus. I seriously doubt they're smart enough to know about fuel efficiency. If you want hookers, you need a purple hummer with a flame thrower.
Its all About Marketing
written by Cars, Autos and Marketing, May 28, 2008
Count me in
Its all about marketing - how you tell the story I guess
In the end economics boils down to supply and demand
Yet with women it is seldom about logic
Its all how you tell the story
It can be said that figures don't lie but liars figger
written by wowdude, May 28, 2008
umm more sexism.
written by tom, May 28, 2008
this is such a load of shite. there is no way a bird would prefer a guy with a prius to someone with a veyron/zonda. no chance.
written by j, May 29, 2008
I love you, Hank Green. :)
written by James, May 29, 2008

Actually most non fuel efficient cars (~20mpg) or so will use as much energy as it takes to make a new car in about 10-15k miles. Dude up there with the Park Avenue should definitely scrap it. The sentra probably gets fine mileage though. Old cars are not necessarily gas guzzlers... many older/smaller/lighter cars are more fuel efficient than newer ones.

written by julz, May 29, 2008
carpooling is way better than a fuel efficient car, and by the way, i got to school with some pretty hot chicks who freaking know their shit. just 'cuz you're hot doesn't mean you're not smart. i dig guys that ride bikes.
Fuckgreen you just made my day
written by ahahahahahah, May 29, 2008
fuckgreen you are on point and hilrious :
Great news, I'm gonna get a girl soon!
written by Chuck, May 29, 2008
Ok now I know what my struggle to get a girl was all about. Here's how I plan to get me a nice girly

Wish me luck!
written by mellifluous, May 29, 2008
So much humor here, thanks for the laughs. We have an old college joke among my girl friends - when we see a grown man in a convertable sports car, we smile and say sorry about your dick, LOL.

Seriously, I'm such a geek that I barely saw the bimbo photo, though after thinking about it, yep, sexist. Most guys won't look at a photo of a smart girl unless most her clothes are missing, right? I skimmed the it's cool real cialis without a prescription visual to get to the data, wondering about the sampling pool and demographics of buy viagra online from canada the women who answered the questions, and the observer's paradox, because I am so cynical. Then I started rationalizing how I've spent decades driving fuel efficient cars, only to end up a safety paranoid mom needing 4 star crash ratings and a ton of steel around me to keep my kids alive on today's increasingly menacing roads. People are driving angry, drunk, texting, you name it, and I understand the physics involved in a crash and I've become the ugly gas guzzling American in the name of love. Conflicted? You bet.

written by theguythatbangedyourgirlfriend, May 29, 2008
i agree with fuckgreen no one has ever got any in a prius. Women say all kinds of shit but what they do is a whole nother story., and thats the guy with the ozone killing hummer/ muscle car hahaha, econerds read my username you know its true
written by mike, May 29, 2008
whoever wrote this article is full of shit! no women (apart from maybe ugly, desperate ones) would find a eco shitter a trun on. come on, you dont seriously believe this do you? i have a classic dodge charger muscle car THAT attracts the ladies. fuck off you greenie losers.
written by wowdude, May 30, 2008
wow, some people here have *real* issues. Getting angry for something like this. Hey! Get off the steroids.
written by mike, May 30, 2008
wowdude your a homo :D only mad because its a crock of shit your obviously another one of these greenie losers and no, ive never used steroids get a fucking life you fag.
Fashion Faux pas NOT to have one of thos
written by Chris, May 30, 2008
They sell MEN'S cars where you got that TURD?
written by Joe, May 31, 2008
My experience points to Hank being correct. They are mostly a bunch of airheads. And the best policy is probably to just "tell them what they want to hear".
You people do realize...
written by Chris, May 31, 2008
That algore's global Warming idiocy is a SCAM don't you? That the warmest year in recent history (Like the last HUNDRED YEARS) is 1998 and since then we have been in a cooling CYCLE (the planet goes through this NATURALLY on a REGULAR BASIS).

And you people are being scammed into believing this crap. IT takes 5 times more pollution to manufacture most so called GREEN cars than my FULL SIZED truck will put out in 3 years.

And NO a Prius will not attract more normal women than a Muscle/Sports/Performance car. You people are dreaming, unless you really WANT those vegan, sickly women who really don't bathe that often!!!!
cue Joe Diffie song
written by AndyM, June 02, 2008
you can set my truck on fire and roll it down a hill...
written by billy ray, June 03, 2008
I drive a 69 charger. It gets 10 MPG. Yeah keep dreaming that your green machines will get you anything other then nerd'll know that sweet blondie up above would be laughing at you in your prius from my car!
written by Tim, June 03, 2008
Pfff... then you are looking for the wrong women... and to the female up there who said something about "Dick substitute" spending countless hours building a motor in a garage is pure art and requires alot of generic viagra from india intelligence... something you lack
This is a ridiculous story
written by Dissident Aggressor, June 03, 2008
Give me a break. 9 out of 10 girls say they want nice, caring, sweet, patient, cuddly guys. 9 out of 10 girls know they don't want that. They want excitement and passion. I mean come on haven't you been to college?? If I had a dime for every feminist I met who was sleeping with the chauvinist football player... I have nothing against Eco cars but lets keep it real... 9 out of 10 women may say they want guys with Eco cars, but they would rather sleep with the guy with the Ferrari.
written by Lacy, June 03, 2008
I've always been one to appreciate a great looking, fast sports car. However, as for who I'd rather be with, I fit the article. Gimme a guy who cares about the environment and future, and something other than making himself look good, over a macho redneck in a sports guzzler any day. Sure, my head turns at a nice looking car on the highway, but when I pull in next to one at the gas station, I make a point NOT to compliment or stare because I know that's what the d-bag driving wants. Oh, and not to brag, but I'm not an ugly girl (and I am veg and I do shave and bathe frequently).
written by Laura, June 04, 2008
As someone who cares about the environment I have to say that the car a guy drives is not a deciding factor in whether I date them. I'm in the UK and green cars are somewhat limited over here. In fact I don't know a lot (or care a lot) about cars anyway...If it were one of those green Lotus' then maybe I could be tempted....

Stumbled upon the girl in the photo
written by i:heart:istockphoto, June 04, 2008
Just FYI, found a couple more pics of her on istockphoto (so PG) and thought I'd share. Just search the following picture IDs on


I'd probably go ahead and look through the photographer's portfolio too; it's pretty "exciting"

That is all.

Eco Bash = EcoGeek Cash
written by Max Gladwell, June 08, 2008
Hank is laughing all the way to the bank. The more people who write about how global warming is a scam and tout their muscle cars, the more dough Hank takes home. In turn, this site keeps on putting out more great info and rallying support for the cause. Keep up the good work.
A lot of insecure men posting here...
written by A Power Engineer, June 09, 2008
That's obvious. And yes you can pick up that hot babe with your hummer or muscle car... but keep in mind that half the football team and a quarter of the basket ball team probably have as well. So she is probably a festering cesspool of love you will never forget! ;)

Generally I find that the women who judge a mans worth by his car or possessions are emotionally needy and or mentally shallow. I prefer a smart chick with a real body, not something that requires follow-up surgery to maintain. They can hold a conversation that is intellectually stimulating and order 50mg viagra while they may not have that “body from the gods!” they know how to use what they have... and very well I might add! Not only that, the smart girls tend to have better hygiene, less prone to STD's and have a steady job and source of income commensurate with what I make.

And I most assuredly don't need a resource wasting vehicle to bolster my self esteem or to make up for any other inadequacies such as ability to perform or size. Those of you that do need an inanimate object to be cool, or feel good about yourself... well, it's been proven that you are compensating for something... and it's not always size, but sometimes your ability (or should I say your lack of viagra in india ability!) to use it or even your ego is in need of assuaging.

Last thing, smart chicks rock. They are fun, witty and can be total wild cats in the bedroom. They are also (this is subjective but based on personal experience and observation) far more loyal and definitely more reliable than the it's cool levitra online 50mgs not so brainy chicks. I think one of the reason many men out there go for the stereotypical bombshell is because they feel so inadequate with themselves they can't stand to have a chick as smart as or smarter than them. Personally I find that a complete turn on and a real challenge, because you have to earn what you get and it's just so much more enjoyable that just getting it. You young pups have a lot to learn! :D
Nobody's pointed out
written by Eve, June 09, 2008
She's pretty and viagra generic soft tab all, but the poor girl is orange!
Your math sucks.
written by Locothrope, June 23, 2008
Hi there,

Firstly, i'd just like to say you'd get very diffrent responses to these questions if you'd ask them in Moderna, versus sebastopol.

Your study also proves that 80 percent of american car buyers have never tried talking to a green-car enthusiast. It's just as annoying and condescending as talking to a wine-tasting snob with a bluetooth headset on and male pattern baldness who bought his first porsche, only instead of hearing about how big his dick should be from doing powerslides and burnouts, It's just another wine-tasting snob with a bluetooth headset on and male pattern baldness telling you how big his dick should be from all the slow driving he does.

The last point just indicates that 4/10 of the coveted 18-34 marketing demographic are braindead fashonistas who don't know why gearheads like doing what they do. We were tuning cars before The fast and the Furious made it the 'cool thing' and (barring Sen. Boxer and Al Gore tag teaming fun into oblivion) we'll still be tuning cars afterward.

sorry eco-geeks, your lame statistics only prove that you can find a girlfriend who's just as uncompromisingly bland and boring as you are.

(p.s, there is nothing hotter than a smart, fully grown woman, who's got her own career, and who's not afraid to tune and race her own car.)
sex appeal?
written by Dee Mullen, July 20, 2008
Are you using sex appeal to promote being environmentally friendly? Guess you gotta market these ideas anyway possible.

Honestly though... I do like when people care about the environment or just what is going on in society around them. Being realistic is very important to make through life in one piece.
You guys are gay
written by The man, August 11, 2008
I drive a 94 Trans Am with a 5.7 liter V8. Fuck you guys

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