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AUG 08

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"I\'m selling the car, this would cut the journey time to work. Might g..."

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Hey There Blimpy Boy

Why do we even discuss personal electric cars when we could be talking about personal electric BLIMPS! SkyYacht, a corporation consisting of two amazing EcoGeeks who cite their motivation as "Pure Fun," has created a blimp for one or two passengers with electric propulsion. Imagine flying to work in your own personal air-ship with nothing in your ears but the sound of the breeze and wow look it dosage viagra the birds. On their website, I found an elegant summation of the SkyYacht's capabilities, "no other aircraft can accomplish the seemingly straightforward task of picking off the top-most leaf from a particular tree." Now, not necessarily the nicest thing to do to a tree but, nonetheless, an amazing achievement.

The SkyYacht isn't completely environmentally friendly.  It's a hot-air blimp and so must burn propane to fill with hot air, but it's certainly more efficient than any other form of personal air travel, and probably more efficient than most cars. Don't expect to be going too fast though, it has a top speed of 12 mph (and don't try and go anywhere if the usefull link beta blockers and viagra wind is blowing faster than that).

While it might not be particularly suitable for commuter travel, it could be an excellent resource for aerial photography, and, with the ability to touch down lighter than a feather and just as silent, it would be ideally suited for monitoring environmentally sensitive areas.

Hat's off to "pure fun" and the Sky Yacht team.


Via Make: and Engadget

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I want one.
written by a guest, August 09, 2006
I'm selling the car, this would cut the journey time to work. Might get a bit crowded though, tethered in the car park.

Rob. :)

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