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JUN 11

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"I'm going to partially agree with the above comments, but also spin it..."

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EcoGeek's Guide to Saying "Thanks" to Dad

Father’s Day is June 15th and if you haven’t gotten a gift yet it’s time to start scrambling. Here are a few suggestions for those of you who would like to make Dad and the the best place cialis in spain planet happy.

If you have a Dad who hasn’t jumped onto the Inconvenient Truth bandwagon yet try a new approach by giving him: Go Green Live Rich: 50 Ways to Save the Earth (and Get Rich Trying) by financial guru and how to buy viagra best selling author David Bach. Bach outlines 50 ways to align environmental values with monetary success like getting a green audit, driving smart (hint: fuel efficiency) and investing in emerging eco companies.

To save trees give your Dad a paperless book reader.  Sony and Amazon are battling this one out so you can take advantage of click now cialis tablets for sale low prices on both the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.  The Sony Reader is more stylish but their book buying system is cumbersome whereas the Kindle easily allows you to buy and download books directly to buy viagra online cheap the device with no hassle.

No one likes the current gas prices and everyone could use more exercise, so why not help your father with both by hooking him up with a foldable bicycle? He will never again worry whether his bike will fit in the car, subway, garage, or corner of his office. The Slingshot Foldtech is a high performance mountain bike that will run you about $800. The design will leave him speechless and that’s before he finds out it can fold. For more folding bikes, check out this story.

Does your Dad’s cell phone constantly die? Can he not figure out how to charge his Ipod? Help him. The Solio solar charger is pocket sized, can fit a number of small electric devices, and stores energy up to one year. Solio will even gift wrap the generic cialis mastercard charger in 100% recycled, post-consumer paper for a small fee.

If your father is of the paranoid variety or a survivalist a la Bear Grylls from “Man vs. Wild” then the Lifesaver Bottle should be your gift of choice. The bottle, “removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without using chemicals like iodine or chlorine.” For how it works you’ve got to go to the website. The cross section of the bottle looks like a diagram of the space shuttle so I’m not even going to attempt an explanation. He'll never have to buy bottled water again!

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Where is the value change?
written by Karsten, June 12, 2008
We cannot reduce our impact on the planet by 75% by consuming different stuff that encourages us to the best choice original viagra basically continue our wasteful life-styles. EcoGeek, how about NOT helping the gadget dad to feel good about his habits rather than making him believe that his habits are acceptable if done correctly. There is not right way to abuse the environment and the resources on this planet. Consume less, not just differently!

Give service, love, favors, organic edibles, etc. Something that can be created without fossil fuels and that does not support what we still think is valuable (= having more than others or more than before).

Practical Advice to Pollute Less
written by R, June 12, 2008
I agree with the above comment, but having a bicycle that you can easily tote-around (light rails, car trunk, etc.) would be an excellent gift to help somebody "reduce their use" of natural resources (once you've recouped the tramadol online overnight energy/materials put into producing the bike). As far as book readers go... eh... it doesn't feel the same.
Clothing with a conscious
written by Mary, June 12, 2008
I think the most sustainable gifts are usually gifts that people need, such as food, clothes, and shelter. Going off that, Maggie's Organics sells great organic cotton and canada pharmacy wool socks (made in the U.S.A.) that are great gifts for Dad! Their new urban hikers are especially nice for any Dad! Dad's need clothes, and Maggie's offers products made in a socially and environmentally responsible manner!

Check out their website
written by Neil, June 12, 2008
I'm going to partially agree with the above comments, but also spin it in a different fashion.

I applaud ecogeek for more directly linking and plugging eco-friendly products. While we can't fight our way to peace or consume our way to sustainability, it's nice to have options and not just information from a blog.

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