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JUL 10

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"Thanks! This is why I come to this site. To counteract the doom and canada levitra ..."

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Amory Lovins on discount online levitra the Oil Endgame

I've seen this video before, and maybe you have too, since it was first recorded in 2005. But it's worth watching again...possibly twice.

Amory's vision and optomism continues to be one of my driving forces, and it's great to see him on top of best price on viagra his (ultra nerdy) game in this video at the 2005 TED conference. The good news is that many of his predictions are coming true. The bad news is that many of his other predictions are also coming true. He states in the video how ridiculous the government's projected oil cost for 2025 was.

Can you guess...come on, guess. What did our government say the per barrel price of oil (currently $148) would be in 2025. That's right...$26 per barrel. Ohhhh lord.

But if you want a fresh shot of optimism, this is a great way to spend 20 minutes.

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written by energuy, July 11, 2008
Amory Lovins (who sounds way too much like a pornstar) has been doing great things for quite some time now. Congress even respects him despite his green credentials. I am very happy that TED gave him the viagra 50 mg online opportunity to speak.
written by Eddie Choo, July 11, 2008
I think this is something that's worth watching over and over again, as we look forward to a future where the Mid-East becomes irrelevant...
written by James, July 11, 2008
Thanks! This is why I come to this site. To counteract the doom and gloom, to nullify the fear mongering. Yes, things are moving in a scary direction, but we are humans for god's sake. We evolved to cover the planet and did so with out oil and such. We will adapt and be ok. smilies/smiley.gif

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