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California Clean Tech Open Winners

Last Thursday was the California Clean Tech Open in which 6 winners were each given an entrepreneur’s dream package: a crash course in how to run a business, raise money and buying viagra in mexico market a product… oh yeah, and $100,000 – half of it cash, half of it in useful services such as legal, accounting, etc.

Let’s meet the winners:

Over the Moon Diapers (Category: Air, Water & Waste)

“Safe, easy, diapering with the lowest environmental footprint possible.” So far, there doesn’t seem to be much information about what makes these diapers truly superior to their competitors. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

Viridis Earth (Category: Energy Efficiency)

Viridis has invented a way to retrofit air conditioners (they seem to be targeting the large residential or small commercial level) so that they run on 20% less energy. They predict that their device will cost about $350 and save its owner about that much each year. They also estimate that there is roughly a $15 billion market for their product.

BottleStone (Category: Green Building)

BottleStone manufactures a material made out of 80% recycled glass, meant to replicate stone. It is strong, moldable, and colorful. More importantly, BottleStone uses glass waste that requires no special cleaning, recycles all its water, generates no carbon dioxide, can be recycled at the levitra professional 100 mg end of its life and contains less embodied energy than its concrete counterpart. Right now, it is being used mostly for countertops, though the company would like to only today buy levitra 50 mg use it in more large-scale applications.

Focal Point Energy (Category: Renewables)

Focal Point designs solar hot water and steam generators for industries which require high volumes of hot water and steam, such as milk pasteurization. Their generator is viagra online canada cheap, light and easy to mount onto an industrial rooftop and connect with a traditional boiler.

Power Assure (Category: Smart Power)

PowerAssure offers a variety of services and tools that help data centers use energy more efficiently, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%, saving millions of dollars for their clients.

ElectraDrive (Category: Transportation)

ElectraDrive converts existing cars into electric vehicles. Their website claims a range of 20-40 miles on their electric engine, and a fuel economy of 150 mpg. A typical ElectraCar conversion will cost $20,000 – by their estimates of car maintenance cost, it will pay itself off in 6 years.

Via CNET Clean Tech

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written by Andrea Kennedy, November 11, 2008
This is also a really cool item..., we're getting one for xmas. oooh
written by Clinch, November 12, 2008
I'm never that impressed by the winners of this competition, as most of the things these companies do are already possible by existing companies, and these companies usually seem to disappear after a year or so.

The one that does sound good to me however, it the air-conditioner retrofitting, to improve efficiency, although, with more efficient air conditioners on the market (that wont need to be retrofited), I can only see the lifetime of recommended site order cialis now this company being as long as the lifetime of old style air conditioners [although, I have no idea how long air conditioners last for].

Peace Health Fashion
written by Christina, December 16, 2008
Congrad to all the winners.

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