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Green Solutions Across India

Thomas Friedman recently wrote an article about a pair of American college students who were taking a road tour through India via how to buy levitra in canada electric car, stopping along the way to document examples of sustainable solutions that were being implemented by entrepreneurs, companies and municipalities across the country.

Here are some highlights. To see the complete list, check out their website.

Solar-Integrated Reva Electric Car
The students were driving a Reva electric car that had been souped up – the original battery was replaced with one could deliver more kwh; combined with the solar panels installed on the roof, this gave the vehicle a range of buy cheap online levitra 150 km (12kwh) per 6 hour charge. Reva doesn’t make a production model like this, but they should. Since the car was already made from recycled plastic and recyclable, the 150 km-range version would definitely be a hit.

Hank Crank Devices by Freeplay
Freeplay has come out with two devices - an LED lamp and a radio – which can be powered by a hand crank. A minute of cranking yields an hour of LED light from the levitra medication lamp and an hour of music on the radio. The latter device can be cranked for up to 25 hours of music at a single time (although that’s nearly a half hour of cranking – better to space it out…)

PG Cloth Paper
PG Handmade Paper is a company in the town of Beawar that takes scrapes of material from clothing manufacturing and turns it into paper using organic dyes.

This is a development in Bangalore which is building homes with the goal of zero emissions. The houses are built out of local, sustainable materials, and they all include power meters which allow the residents to monitor their energy consumption. They also plan to conserve and recycle water, therefore they won’t require a water line from outside the community.

Via NY Times

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