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DEC 22

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10 Most Popular Stories of 2009

2010 is quickly approaching and only for you official canadian pharmacy we can only hope that it holds even more innovations that will benefit the world we live in.  As we move forward, here's a look back at the stories you clicked on most during the past year.  From gadgets to urine fuel, these are the top ten.

10.  Power-Generating Shock Absorber is Surprisingly Strong A bumpy road could become an asset if these electricity-generating shock absorbers make it to our cars and trucks.

9.    Lithium Supply Fears are Total B.S. Don't let the media frenzy fool you:  why a lithium-crisis is not around the corner.

8.    World's First Floating Wind Turbine Switches On Floating wind turbines could be installed in deep water, keeping them out of coastal views and shipping lanes.

7.    New York State Agencies Switching from Bottled to where can i buy viagra Tap Another government entity realizes the environmental benefits of tap water over bottled water.

6.    Charge Your Gadgets While You Walk or Ride This Personal Energy Generator harvests the it's great! buy viagra generic energy from your everyday movements to keep your gadgets running.

5.    Yahoo Data Center Will be Powered by Niagara Falls The massive falls will provide the power for the internet company's newest data center, while the outside air will keep it cool.

4.    New Definition for Biofuels:  Using Urine to Produce Hydrogen Turns out it's easier to break the bonds in urine to produce hydrogen than to do the same with water.

3.    Ceramatec:  Bringing Distributed Power Storage to Your Home A company wants to click here levitra woman bring high-density power storage to your home, allowing more efficient use of energy.

2.    The Aral Sea Disappears:  NASA Photos Once the fourth-largest inland sea, the Aral Sea is vanishing quickly.

1.    This is How Gorgeous Solar Power Can be Who says renewable energy can't be beautiful?  These terracotta solar tiles captured your attention the 5mg cialis samples most this year.

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written by Elemental LED staff, December 22, 2009
Great to hear about the Yahoo data center becoming more sustainable. Now if only Google would do something like that, since they're so much more popular than Yahoo. Apparently the amount of energy Google has to use to cool their servers is incredible.
Great post
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, December 23, 2009
It is funny that beauty and design can have such a big affect on buy fioricet people. It can save energy, and in the long run save people money, but none of it matters unless it's beautiful too smilies/smiley.gif. At least we have gotten that far.

In regards to the Yahoo one. I am actually surprised Google has not taken initiative in making their data centers go green. They talk a LOT about going green, granted a lot of it is just PR.
Love the Solar Tiles
written by Daysi Gonzalez, December 23, 2009
I am glad to levitra generico hear that the solar tiles made it onto the cheapest cialis in uk top 10 stories for 2009. With technology at the rate it is going the efficiency should improve vastly. This tip of roofing should be standard (or at least an option) in new construction homes.
written by John at Cell Phone Recycling, December 31, 2009
I have always love the article about "Charge Your Gadgets While You Walk or Ride." This is what people who are busy like me needs. This is really a great help plus the fact that it is eco-friendly.

Happy New Year!
written by Jessica Janes, December 31, 2009
Just wanted to say I am a huge fan and love the e-mail blasts (not sure if that is the correct technological word). Anyhow, you totally rock. Keep up the good work. The emoticons are so tempting, but they don't really do justice to my enthusiasm. I need one of those bouncing ones.
Google server farms...
written by Ormond Otvos, December 31, 2009
Google is actually doing a lot to use green energy, especially hydropower, the greenest of them all.
written by materace, February 19, 2010
wow, thanks for links to stories, funny

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