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JUN 12

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"Having solar powered technologies today is a good idea. It can even sa..."

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Appropriate Technology Solar Powered Refrigerator to Store Vaccines and viagra next day Save Lives


The distribution of vaccines through the developing world is sometimes limited by a lack of available refrigeration for the storage of the vaccines. In some parts of the world, more than half of the vaccines spoil before they can be administered. Millions of viagra oral gel lives and billions of dollars are lost due to indian cialis a lack of refrigeration. A new solar refrigerator developed by the Appropriate Technology Collaborative can provide lifesaving cold storage for vaccines with an inexpensive system that can be built from locally available materials.

The solar refrigerator is now entered in competition for the NASA Tech Briefs Create The Future Contest. The refrigerator needs no electricity and should require only minimal maintenance since it has no valves or moving parts. With the ATC refrigerator, it is possible to maintain WHO and UNICEF compliant "chain-of-cold" storage of vaccines.

“The ATC Solar Vaccine Refrigerator is a robust, easy to maintain technology that can be made in the country or region where it is to be used. It is made out of simple materials that can be found in most cities: steel, charcoal and ethanol or methanol. The finished product has no moving parts that need maintenance and it doesn’t use electricity of any kind. One simply places it in sunlight and it freezes. Period. (Note: If the sun doesn’t shine it can run on biofuels)”

Appropriate Technology Collaborative is a non-profit organization headed by former EcoGeek contributing writer John Barrie. ATC works to develop technologies to improve the lives of people in developing countries. But, unlike a host of other such organizations, ATC works to make systems that can be built and maintained by local engineers and local workers. ATC's designs are made available through Creative Commons and published online to make them available in developing countries and so that other NGOs can copy or improve upon their work.

You can vote for the ATC Refrigerator design at the order discount tramadol NASA Tech Briefs Create The Future Contest.

via: Sustainable Design Update

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written by Morkon, June 13, 2010
That vaccines need refrigeration in order to prevent spoilage merely proves that the vaccines are defective in the first place. A good vaccine should be stable over a wide range of temperatures for several years. There are no excuses apart from the use of the best site canada cialis no prescription primitive protein based technology.

Nano scale molecular machines affords mankind its best hope in improving today's woeful state of vaccine affairs yet no Federal funding is given over to robot vaccine research.

The first coprolation with demonstrating the working (and cheap!) robot vaccine will own the marketplace for many human generations.

written by tony, June 14, 2010
Your words are true and this new technology in the conservation of vaccines, especially in the developing world.
Add safe injection system for a winning combination
written by mkass, June 16, 2010
I'd recommend adding an innovative safe injection system to the distribution plan for this system. This would be a great way of stopping the spread of infections and misuse of the vaccines.
This will never offset itself
written by zach, June 17, 2010
Adding a few billion more people to the earth isn't going to help anything or anyone smilies/sad.gif
A good idea
written by Latest gadgets, August 09, 2010
Having solar powered technologies today is a good idea. It can even save electricity consumption at home.

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