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Wind Powered Antarctic Expedition


At the end of 2011, an Antarctic expedition is being planned using windpower to attempt to set a record for "non-motorized travel in complete autonomy." Belgian explorer and buy viagra in australia adventurers Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour are preparing for the 100-day, 6000 kilometer (3728 mile) expedition through the largely unexplored region of East Antarctica.

The team will propel themselves as well as the sleds with all of online pharmacy no prescription cialis their supplies and gear using parachute like kites which will allow them to tramadol next day delivery average 60 kilometers (37 miles) a day. Dansercoer is a Belgian windsurfing champion, and Deltour is the youngest musher to complete Yukon Quest and Iditarod in 1 year.

The expedition is to honor the 100th anniversary of the levitra and women Race to the Pole between Amundsen and Scott. In addition to the distance and endurance records the expedition will set, the team will also be traveling through largely unexplored parts of Antarctica. While they travel, they will be participating in scientific study of the Antarctic catabatic winds in cooperation with a number of universities and meteorological institutes.

via: EWEA Wind Directions

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