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JUL 05

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"This little bugger seems like quite the accomplishment. I wonder if th..."

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Tiny Electric Airplane Sets Speed Record

At last week's Paris Air Show, French pilot Hugues Duval set a world speed record for all-electric airplanes when his small Cristaline aircraft hit 175 mph, beating his previous record by 13 mph.

The tiny plane has a wing span of 16 feet and only weighs 200 pounds -- just big enough to fit its pilot. It's powered by two 35 horsepower electric motors and two 1.5 kWh batteries which could only sustain the high speed for just a moment. When flown at a slower 65 mph, the plane can fly for about 25 minutes.

Other electric airplanes have accomplished greater flight lengths, but at much slower speeds.

You can check out a video of the plane above (in French).

via Wired Autopia

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written by Eric, July 06, 2011
If you want an impressive example of an alternative powered aircraft, then look at the it's cool viagra info German 1930 Bessler steam airplane.

There are videos hosted on Youtube demonstrating its actual use.
Well I'll be darned.
written by Gravytrain - Vancouver SEO, January 15, 2012
This little bugger seems like quite the accomplishment. I wonder if there's been any new advances in electric planes since this article was written?

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