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DEC 07

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"Give the guy a break... he is trying to represent us and soft gel viagra make a differ..."

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Gore Officially Campaigning...Poorly

I know this isn't officially a politics blog, but I like Al Gore, I believe that he is an EcoGeek, and I would love to have an EcoGeek president.

Check out this interview. The guy asks Gore a couple of very interesting questions to which Gore gives very interesting answers.
The second interesting question first: If climate change is such a big deal, then couldn't you pretty much save the cialis 20 mg tablet world by becoming president?  Isn't that a good enough reason to c o d payment tramadol run?

Gore answered "I think it's still to early, I can't use that answer for much longer." But it isn't an answer he's been using for very long. At the beginning of An Inconvenient Truth, he didn't use that answer at all. It was a flat "no," which only transformed into a "maybe" a few months ago.
Gore was also asked about the Iraq War, and basically whether he, as president,  would retreat defeated from the Iraq War. Instead of using his famous "Bus Crashed, Fire Bus Driver" metaphor, he stumbled, said some incoherent B.S. and then moved onto the next question.

It was like Y2K Gore All Over Again!  What he's doing here is trying to seem more thoughtful about Iraq, a very divisive issue, while relying on generic viagra levitra cialis climate change to be his main bedfellow. What he's actually doing is looking like a total weenie again, which is exactly what lost him the election in 2000. So Gore is officially campaigning, and he's officially looking like a dipstick doing it....alas.

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written by Vincenze, December 08, 2006
My understanding was that he said he wouldn't run in the next election, not ruling the possibility of returning at some point further into the cialis philippines future.
written by jennifer, December 08, 2006
Give the guy a break... he is trying to represent us and make a difference. Given the current political climate, I think calling the war in Iraq "possibly the biggest mistake in U.S. history" doesn't really qualify as incoherent or B.S. Perhaps you prefer to hear the catch phrases over and over like W. and Condi keep spurting out. This is the best choice viagra tablets sale a very complicated problem and there are no easy answers, at least Gore recognizes this and isn't selling us some schitck about how he has "God" on his side.

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