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MAY 27

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"Wow, it's that fast . . . the funny thing is that they didn't predict ..."

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Arctic Research Station Evacuated Due to Melting

A floating Russian research station on an ice floe in the Arctic is being evacuated far earlier than planned due to the breakup of the floe it is sitting on. A Russian icebreaker has been dispatched to pick up the scientists and buy levitra where their equipment from the ice floe that has housed the North Pole-40 research base since last October.

The station is the latest in a series of floating research stations that the Russians have operated dating back to the late 1930s. It was intended to remain occupied and in operation until September of this year, but the shop viagra pfizer ice floe it is situated on viagra uk cost pill has begun to break up. The floating research station is out of helicopter range, and the floe is too unstable to viagra online enable an airstrip to be created.

Finding a suitable ice floe for these research stations is becoming increasingly difficult. The team for this mission spent considerable time trying to locate a suitable floe to set up on last autumn. The Russian government has budgeted 1.7 billion rubles (about US$ 54 million ) to create a "self-propelled, ice- strengthened floating platform to replace the natural ice floes for future research stations."

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written by Kelly Garriott Waite, May 28, 2013
Just stumbled upon your site - Great post regarding the breakup of the ice floes. It's so frustrating to see this happening and even more frustrating to hear that people still don't see this as a problem.
written by Garrot, May 28, 2013
The good thing about this is that next season the ice will form all over again and the scientists will again have a place to conduct their earth shattering research.
written by marwin, May 30, 2013
yes, there will be ice again next winter. But most of it will be thin, one-year sea ice. For this kind of station you need a thick, multi-year ice floe. My guess is that there will be hardly any suitable ice floes in just a few years. The Russians are really better off by building this "self-propelled, ice-strengthened floating platform".
written by Hayley, May 31, 2013
Wow, it's that fast . . . the funny thing is that they didn't predict this. They probably predicted the time at which they'd have to pack up, but the fact that it's going earlier than expected . . . smilies/sad.gif. Just another thing to add to the list of only here canadian levitra disasters we've caused.

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