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MAR 14

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"I often wonder if all these green initiatives waste more than they sav..."

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Big Blue Going Green Big

World champion Garry Kasparov beat IBM's chess computational apparatus Deep Blue in a match in 1996, then lost in 1997. Man, was he miffed at IBM. He demanded a rematch, a look at the log files... all kinds of stuff.

Well, EcoGeek doesn't have access to Kasparov's carbon footprint logs, but we suspect that if he's as competetive about being ecogeeky as he is about being chessgeeky, he's about to turn red over IBM's new green initiative, Big Green Innovations, because it is it's cool cheap discount viagra going to kick his grandmaster ass in corporate carbon emissions reduction worldwide.

IBM is hoping to make a buck or two bazillion on businesses trying to get all green 'n' everything. It's convenient that huge corporations that could buy and viagra prescriptionsgeneric viagra sale sell EcoGeek and all of cialis delivered overnight our belongings a hundred times per second have seen the way to profits through cleaner technology.

The path to the future has to be lined with money sometimes, just to get people going in that direction. Why, just look at this gripping from a CNET story:

"There is a demand for people to understand how to account for carbon, how to reduce energy usage, because IBM's already done a tremendous job internally," Davies said. "I haven't seen too many people offering services focused on how you do this on the ground."

Demand! Services! Yes, well, whatever the motivation, off they go into the world of measuring and reducing carbon emissions and other waste for big companies, and we'll all be better off for it.

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Just how green is the hype.
written by rob, March 16, 2007
I often wonder if all these green initiatives waste more than they save.
The company I work for has always recycled its waste metal and had an informal arrangement with several customers, to return empty cartons, when our vans had space on the return journey.

But in recent years the viagra prescription label post of waste management officer has been created.
Not only does this person manage to create a mountain of paper memos, recycling forms and rules. They have also made it so difficult to recycle the cartons, as everything has to be counted and checked and paperwork filled in. Whereas we just used to stack them in a corner and when they got too tatty we scrapped them.
So now we use new cartons everytime, recycling just isn't worth the time and headache.
Several companies we work with, that we used to return wooden crates to, have the same problem and no longer accept returns on their vans.
It seems that recycling attracts massive amounts of paperwork and jobs worths.

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