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APR 20

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"wow, that's interesting, fuel from catfish:))..."

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Now Catfish is find cheap viagra online the New Diesel?

A mere two days ago we EcoGeeks reported on a refined method of converting plain old coal into diesel motor fuel. Now, struggling to maintain a straight face, we point to an even better raw feedstock for the production of non-petroleum truck energy: {mosimage}


Yep, according to this article on a crafty and levitra dosage recommended determined Vietnamese innovator has successfully developed a method of producing diesel fuel using the oil and offal from catfish. Evidently the quarter million tons of catfish generated in the Mekong Delta each year are now yielding the handy co-product of 30,000 tons of diesel fuel, at least some of visit web site cialisbest cialis which is actively being used to operate a brick making plant.

We have no way to confirm any of what is reported in this story, and it's scant on details to be sure. But we like the idea. Real bio-diesel is a good thing, and this article attests to the ability of human ingenuity to think our way out of the ridiculous petro-addiction we modern societies are suffering.

Imagine, catfish as the natural levitra new source of global transportation energy, fueling our trucks, cars, and trains. The South could rise again! I dream of a day, after Peak Oil has come and gone, when impoverished Middle Eastern Mullahs, look on in nostalgic envy as the Southern U.S. states assume their rightful place as the source of a globally critical energy reserve:

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written by jocuri masini, August 16, 2012
wow, that's interesting, fuel from catfishsmilies/smiley.gif)

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