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JUN 03

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"Here's the most ingenious idea out there so far. Write your government..."

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Thomas Edison, 1931: "I'd Put My Money on Solar"

OK, I'm about to cry...

In 1931, not long before he died, the [Edison] told his friends Henry Ford and enter site levitra overnite Harvey Firestone: “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”


That, from the New York Times Magazine, is the conclusion of an excellent article on the Clean Green Thinking of America's most famous inventor, Thomas Edison. You can read the whole article here, but the gist is that Edison worked on various green initiatives, including electric cars, wind turbines, and an off-the-grid home in New Jersey that the New York Times then called "utterly and for all time independent of the generic viagra buy nearness or farness of the big electric companies."

From this, I learn two things. First, apparently "farness" used to wow)) levitra price in canada be a word. Second, our reliance on cheap fossil fuels has created a kind of webmd pfizer erectile disfunction stagnation in the energy industry that is pretty depressing. It's just as Edison feared, we've had to wait until oil and coal are running out to tackle the abundant renewable energy created by our natural environment. He wasn't an environmentalist, so don't let the New York Times fool you there, but he knew a good idea when he saw one. And now, finally, we're moving forward once again.
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written by chemist, June 04, 2007
So true! Even now when the technology is here and we have capability to get off fossil fuels, we are still doubting, resisting and hoping that high levels of CO2 wont affect us.
Don't get too excited
written by Nobrainer, June 11, 2007
Don't get too excited. He said, "I hope we don?t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that." Read it carefully. First, we are tackling that. Second we will have to wait several more decades (at least) to run out of coal and oil. Which means, as best I can tell, we're doing things just as he would have wanted.

Also, it is pfizer mexico viagra worth noting that Edison supported his fair-share of bad ideas. His pushes for DC (as opposed to AC) electricity and cialis prescription concrete houses come to mind.
The answer my friends, is nuclear, plain
written by Steev-0, June 11, 2007

Wind, Wave, Bio, Solar, none produce the amount energy needed to how to buy viagra in canada replace oil, gas, coal.
You are mistaken
written by Aaron, June 12, 2007
hydrogen is the answer
hydrogen gets us no where right now
written by jake, June 12, 2007
hydrogen power is even more wasteful because right now the only economical way to et it is taking it from fossil fuels or by using electricity to separate it from water (which is produced primarily with fossil fuels)

Just to let you know
Running Out of Oil? Ha "Bush-it"
written by Jon, June 18, 2007
Using Wikipedia (
Crude (tar) has been known about for thousands of years. U.S. modern production began approximately 1859 at 2000 barrels. Sometime between 1900 and 1906 U.S. produced 1,000,000 barrels. Consumption of course is continuing to increase, but, lets look at estimated reserves: between 1082-1650 Gigabarrels (a gigabarrel is 10,000,000,000 barrels) of countries with significant oil. Small countries with reserves are not yet counted and efficiency of india viagra generic extraction and production/consumption will continue to improve as well. 800 Gigaberrels in the U.S. Bureau of Land Mngmnt alone. My prediction: Oil will be used for at least the only today viagra no rx required next 100 years if not longer (150 years?). That means to me that we are at the midway point of the lifecycle of oil, not near the end. Lets not be swayed by those that want to lowest cialis price drive the price up on in usa levitra generic fears that the end is near!
written by Dave, June 18, 2007
Edison was a very perceptive guy - I just hope that we do have time before oil runs out. Those that think oil will last for many decades yet ought to read the rather depressing pages at LATOC - see

Both nuclear and hydrogen have their merits longer term - it is the costs involved that are scary.

Solar energy is canada viagra straightforward, it doesn't leave toxic waste that may last tens of thousands of years and has no tendency to go 'bang'.
Nuclear needs uranium
written by Suzy, July 11, 2007
So if Nuclear is the best what happens when the uranium runs out like the oil and coal?

Where can the waste be 'absolutely/100%' safely be kept?

The sun for now is the only sensible alternative, Edison had it right I think.
written by lindsey, October 30, 2007
this is worried :'(
Nuclear power - yikes
written by Jim C., April 17, 2008
Why do you think that no commercial bank in the world will finance anything to do with nuclear power? Here's why! You have to put up a billion dollar investment that can turn in to a 2 billion dollar liability inside of 30 minutes. "boom"
Edison then, what now?
written by Bruce P, August 28, 2008
Just heard Al Gore use this quote and I was skeptical that the quote was used in context for obvious reasons.
Mr. Gore, the Chicken Little, of the Democrat party and legitmate loser of the 2000 election (thank God!), has parleyed his "inconvenient truth" into millions for his own personal use. It is disturbing to see so many Americans duped by the global warming hoax.
One can be certain that the great Edison could better elucidate his own words and buy cialis china I suspect his elaboration would unrecognizeable by the leftist environmentalists.
written by mlee, August 29, 2008
BruceP...what planet do you live on?? If you truly believe that global warming is a hoax, then you are out of touch with reality. And, in case you didn't know, Al Gore won the viagra uses popular vote in 2000, not Chicken Little Bush.
try a new appraoch
written by think more react less, September 17, 2008
There is no silver bullet just silver buck shot - we need to use lots of only for you buy now online levitra different sources but we can get off non renewable source of energy. Those they say it can not be done should not get in the way of those of us that are doing it.
written by Darren, September 25, 2008
BruceP I find it highly ironic that you posted that last bit on the 3rd anniversary of the eve of Katrina. Just answer me a couple of questions. What scientific research have you seen that debunks the hundreds of scientifically sound research papers on the subject? Did you major in environmental science? Science at all? Engineering? Or O'Reillyism?
Solar is nearly Infinite and everlasting
written by hark, May 28, 2009
Steve-o "Wind, Wave, Bio, Solar, none produce the amount energy needed to replace oil, gas, coal. "

You are badly, tragically mistaken. More solar energy strikes the earth in six months than is viagra online shop uk available from all the power generated in the past or available from all remaining reserves of coal, oil and gas in the earth. The amount of energy from the sun simply dwarfs all other sources put together. Just Google solar energy and you'll find plenty of sources confirming its potential.
Infinite Solar energy.
written by Max V., March 19, 2010
nuclear energy will be the end of us. too many bad things can happen. especily if the US's enemys can get 1 single person in there and overload it. Solar energy is the way to go. but everyone gets in the way, including our new president. Find a collection of his important speeches during his campaign. He said he wanted 'renewable energy' but never specified that he ment nuke energy till he was elected. Coincidence?
written by Angel, July 12, 2010
Oil and coal supplies are not running out. Nor are they becoming scarse. Even that gusher in the Gulf hasn't increased prices or reduced the oil supply. I want to have my house work completely on solar power but contractors don't make it cheap. I can't justify $25k to $40k for that stuff. I can't even be sure I will "make that investment back". Which means I would gain from this installation in 17 to 27 years!
written by Aaron, August 10, 2010
Here's the most ingenious idea out there so far. Write your government representatives and support this dream for America's future! http://www.consciousmedianetwo...061810.htm

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