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MAY 05

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"LEDs are the way to go. Now we just need to get the price point down. ..."

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Urban bees make more honey

London's got a big ol' population of beekeepers, and the hobby is on the rise. In addition to keeping people in touch with {mosimage}nature while surrounded by an urban envorinment, beekeeping produces delightful local honey.

Furthermore, from the Independent online:
"Surprisingly, smoggy urban streets are said to provide a purer honey than rolling fields."

"Huh?" you're saying. Read on:

"'The countryside seems green and clean, but the crops are often covered in pesticides,' explains James Hammill, a former actor turned owner of The Hive Honey Shop in south London, which stocks honey produced at the Hammills' 40 hives across London and southern England. 'Bees in cities produce more honey. We get 40 to 50 jars per hive every season in our country apiaries; in the city, we get more like 150 jars.'"

Crazy and delicious.
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written by Chris, October 21, 2006
Neat site, great article. Confirms what we've suspected for a long time. Checkout my Beekeeping site.
light bulb-a-roonies
written by Deborah Ellison, June 20, 2010
sitting in darkness
confusing choices, eek eek
now am enlightened
written by Jeff Hundt, June 06, 2011
LEDs are the way to go. Now we just need to get the price point down. Come on technology.

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